Stay With Me

James Turrell's Twilight Arch... From my modern art museum article: ... One thing that completely blew my mind is James Turrell’s “Twilight Arch”:
Basically, you walk into a dark room. It is so dark, you can’t see anything around you, and if someone was sitting on the floor, you would only know when you’ve already stepped on them. You walk in, and take 10-15 seconds to adjust to the dark. And then you see it in the distance…a glow. Purplish, blueish. It seems so far away, when in essence it is only 8 meters away from you. Then you notice a little glimpse of orange coming in from the sides. Your eyes adjust more and more, the cold purple and warm orange mix together to give you the perfect mixture. And this is when it hits you: it is twilight! This is one of the calmest places I have ever been into my life! What I did was sit down on the floor, put on Clint Mansell’s “Stay With Me” track and let myself immerse in the shimmering glow of what turned out to be nothing more than 3 neon light bulbs in the far distance. And this is where I said “modern art is cool”. Something so simple – 2 orange and 1 blue-purple neon lights in a dark room – yet such an amazing effect. It was the most peaceful and calm I’ve felt in months.