More from the Harvard campus. We always hear about Harvard and it was good to finally be able to see it for myself. The many churches serve as a vivid reminder of it's roots as a religious institution. I really enjoyed the beautiful stonework of the buildings and the great light we had that day.

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    Damn! This one looks HD! :-)

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    Absolutely brilliant!

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    I like that dark, spooky and serious atmosphere!

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    wicked cool!

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    Absolutely incredible! Love that gothic touch..

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    boooom! that's amazing

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    This is just so beautiful. Wonderful shot!

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    WOW WOW WOW!!! So Beautiful!

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    awesome indeed!

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    Love the flipping!

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    your photos mess with my mind

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    so sweeeet! great job, way to plan the double exposure

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    great leading lines!

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    that's amazing :)

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    Loves the reflection, :)

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    You don't even need to be told how awesome this pic is, do you!? ; )

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    Amazing indeed!

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    G e n i a l ! !!

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    wow. Its a bit it! great colours too :)

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    WOW... such a great shot!!!

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    OMG, brilliant shot!

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    Amazing! Love the flipping!! :)

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    Fantastic perspective.

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    Amazing shot!

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    really quiet but breath-taking shot

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    Cool! And I don't like Sprocket Rocket pictures often... :)

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    I love this photo! Great!

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    soooooooooooo f* great shot!

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    never seen such a perfect double!

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    simply awesome!

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    wow......this is totally amazing !!!