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Not so lovely sillhouette

Once upon a time, there was a rumble called "Spread the Word Rumble". Well a man got excited and start thinking how to make an interesting story to portray the word "Spread". After few hours, he had an idea and he started to create and artwork (typography) in a lovely notebook that he had. With just a pen and a notebook, he sketched and this is the final outcome After finished the artwork, he started to compose it. He started to spread the word in his room, he thought that, by placing the notebook on a laptop's keyboard with a lomography web behind it would be a perfect. So he took his smena 8m, set the aperture to f/4 and the shutter to 1/25 and press the shutter "pap". Done! and snapped another 2 more. He thought the lomograph would be wonderful and lovely. After a few days, he went to a lab to develop the film and when the film was ready, he looked at the lomograph and the result was, sorry i couldn't describe it and i think i can't write like this :P. Well, i don't know much to write a story and for sure that i don't know much about how your photo turned out to be if you shoot the picture direct to the light. Of course it will turned out silhouette, and to make it worst, i can't see any of the typography that i have made for the rumble! and to make it even worse, the 2 shots that i have taken turned out the same. Lovely!

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