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Cellophane Flowers

NO PHOTOSHOP - double exposed Kodak EIR (color infrared) Aerochrome film (E6 process) in a Holga 120 N camera with a Tiffen Orange 16 filter


  1. naqi
    naqi ·

    very cooooooool

  2. eloisee
    eloisee ·

    love this whole album!!

  3. haydee
    haydee ·

    Lucy in the sky? ;)

  4. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    i love this one!

  5. alexkhamyle
    alexkhamyle ·

    love this! :)

  6. zoloto
    zoloto ·

    very-very...сооод..)) is It cross--process? or no.....)

  7. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    this works well as a double!

  8. eat-the-rad
    eat-the-rad ·


  9. aimeemarcella
    aimeemarcella ·

    Wow. Powerful.