We’re fizzing with excitement to introduce our latest Kickstarter project: the Lomo’Instant Square. We’re talking about the world’s first analogue camera to produce square-format Instax pictures. It features a 95mm glass lens for super sharp photos, an advanced automatic mode that takes care of exposure, all of Lomography’s signature creative features — and a compact, foldable design. The Lomo’Instant Square has launched on Kickstarter. Come join the fun and back us on Kickstarter now to save up to 35% on the planned retail price, and scoop all sorts of extra treats. Be sure to snatch up the deals before they run out. Be there and be square!


  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·


  2. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    Wow, i like it!

  3. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    wicked colors!

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    nice!: D

  5. sirseimo
    sirseimo ·

    Another WOW

    Nice - it looks so beauty!! Great colours!!!

  6. mandecster
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  7. jandra
    jandra ·

    w o w !!!

  8. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Love everything in this photo!

  9. ongrui
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  10. tiro8
    tiro8 ·

    @ongrui - not necessarily, man. sometimes a cross-processed photo can get this super-saturated look; and i have a bunch of photos on my home that definitely look photoshoped, but actually they were just processed in cambodia where the lab technicians don't actually know how to use the equipment so all my shots get super-saturated. i'm just saying, sometimes it's just good to give someone the benefit of the doubt for a really nice looking shot.

  11. sambrosia
    sambrosia ·

    This.. Really reminds me of that scene from The Lion King..
    It's brilliant, by the way. :D

  12. satomi
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  13. minililimi
    minililimi ·

    relly nice!!!

  14. a__beautifulsound
    a__beautifulsound ·

    Gorgeous colors!

  15. xjimmyleungx
    xjimmyleungx ·

    thanks so much everyone :)
    please visit my flickr site for more,
    do add me as a friend if you visit!

  16. blumenkind
    blumenkind ·

    :D aaaww this is great!

  17. maskerlin
    maskerlin ·

    i really like this one and the rainbow one.
    could you send the original size to me?
    i'd like to make it my desktop
    thanx for your kindness~

  18. ubmba04jp1
    ubmba04jp1 ·

    beautifully saturated colours!!

  19. syyip22
    syyip22 ·

    simple n nice

  20. zeitfenster
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  21. viero
    viero ·

    Love the contrasted colours!

  22. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    looks like the start of 6 feet under =) great shot

  23. stickyvinny
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  24. lighthouse_keeperess
    lighthouse_keeperess ·

    I love you pictures. They make me wanna be there <3

  25. snappyrg
    snappyrg ·

    great tones

  26. aeqnoct
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  27. veato
    veato ·

    I love this pic

  28. andryy
    andryy ·

    omg!!! so love this pic

  29. lyndxe
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  30. skinnyflyingcow
    skinnyflyingcow ·

    And who says Lomography is crap? :)

  31. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    amazing colors!

  32. lilymae93
    lilymae93 ·

    wow!! africa africaaa

  33. damacelta
    damacelta ·

    wow! bella fotografia!

  34. castiana
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  35. castiana
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  37. tomccfc92
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    love the colours

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  41. wandaaaful
    wandaaaful ·

    Wow this is amazing!

  42. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    just super!

  43. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    Nice vivid colors! :)

  44. gugaeo
    gugaeo ·

    love it

  45. samvise
    samvise ·

    Perfect composition!

  46. bbeelzebub
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  47. megs79
    megs79 ·

    really Great colors!

  48. peta-zrustkova
    peta-zrustkova ·

    Wonderful picture!

  49. peta-zrustkova
    peta-zrustkova ·

    Wonderful picture!

  50. katybee
    katybee ·

    Reminds me of the movie, "The Fall" - very nice!