fat fat lens

breaking in my superheadz uws loaded with fuji velvia around Luzon and Metro Manila..

From Las Piñas, Pasay, Quezon City, Tarlac, Pangasinan and Baguio City


  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Beautiful shot Byl!

  2. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    salamat erick!

  3. danyaires
    danyaires ·

    I think cemeteries beautiful places, and you managed to capture a greater beauty of what I see with my eyes.

  4. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    thanks! =)

  5. superawesomebigelow
    superawesomebigelow ·

    I want the superheadz uws!

  6. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    must have i guess... =) awesome!

  7. feelux
    feelux ·

    Ganda! Saan 'to?

  8. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    SALAMAT @feelux ! sa Golden Haveb Memorial park, Las Pinas City ito... =)

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