Looking down the stars of the Monument

This has become my most liked photo, thanks everyone! I can still remember the moment when I took the photo, leaning the camera on the edge of the rail for stability and hearing the satisfying second click as the shutter closed. I remember wondering if it would turn out, I didn't expect this; These are the moments that make me LOVE film.

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    beautiful! Great job :)

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    Oh yeah !

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    very nice

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    so great!!!

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    magnificent stairwell shot !

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    Very 'Gaudi' esque!

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    very best!

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    nice colour!

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    wonderful sipral

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    wowed and inspired! nice!

  20. emjayhay
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    This is like an ammonite. :D x

  21. bemdaponte
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    so complicate...xD

  22. yelledc
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    Reminds me of the inside of a conch shell. =)

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    Amazing.... !!!

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    this is art.

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    Art fantastic!

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    Love this! Hope I ever get to shoot something so perfect :)

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    Very nice angles and lines

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    great one!

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    I love it!

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    love the way the light plays with picture - amazing shot!

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    this is such a great down shot love it

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    one of the best picture @lomo!!!!

  36. chester54
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    Von innen so interessant, wie von außen schön.