I shot this with the Lomokino on Lomography Lady Grey 400 film. I developed the film in what I have dubbed applenol, a variant of caffenol, but instead of instant coffee I used some boiled apple peels. I used a stand development of about 90 minutes, an fixed the film in a strong salt solution for about 12 hours.
Not an undivided succes, but not a complete failure either. Though it is extremely undeveloped, the separate frames were visible after scanning, and you can see the vague contours of the apple orchard where I shot the film (I added a cyan filter since it seemed to enhance the contrast a bit). In the last bit of the film, you can see the straight edges contours of a stack of crates and a tractor.
So applenol is not the best way to develop film, but I think with some more apple and a longer developing time I might get some better results.

applenol caffenol experiment