One Shot: Inchindown Trailer

Fellow film photographer, Simon Riddell, and I made a documentary... about us turning a massive underground tunnel into the world's largest darkroom [to be verified]. It will premier in Inverness November 6th.

darkroom film


  1. richardhall
    richardhall ·

    A fascinating -- and, frankly, barmy! -- project. Thanks for sharing here. I've enjoyed the interviews on Sunny 16

  2. dbloomsday
    dbloomsday ·

    @richardhall You're welcome! We're pretty excited to be nearing a final cut. Hopefully the film community enjoys it!

  3. richardhall
    richardhall ·

    @dbloomsday I'm sure they will. Tbh, I can't begin to imagine how anyone comes up with an idea like this. Amazing!

  4. dbloomsday
    dbloomsday ·

    @richardhall Thanks! The credit for initial Idea goes to Simon, in fact. In the actual domcumentary, there's audio from the original voice messages he sent me with the idea! Fortunately, it was via WhatsApp and I still had them on my phone!

  5. richardhall
    richardhall ·

    @dbloomsday :o)