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  • Pulso

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news

    A collaboration between Cuartoscuro magazine and Lomography Mexico.

  • Martin Goes Lomography

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news

    Elite artists from Slovakia will be working on a 28 meter long wall of artwork.

  • Dedigitalization

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news

    Anna Parrilla will be displaying a healthy mix of medium format and 35mm shots as well as different techniques and films.

  • The Incredible Holga and Wonder Diana

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news
    The Incredible Holga and Wonder Diana

    Lomography UAE presents a new exhibition dedicated to the super powers of the Holga and the Diana+.

  • Lomography School Project in Cairo

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news
    Lomography School Project in Cairo

    A school class Lomography project in Cairo.

  • The World Through A Plastic Lens V2

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news

    An Exhibition of Photographs using Holga and Diana cameras.

  • Members Exhibition - Christophe Dillinger

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news
    Members Exhibition - Christophe Dillinger

    Lomographer Christophe Dillinger is presenting his favourite Holga and LC-A shots with modified optics.

  • Lomography Gallery Shop Seoul Workshops

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news

    The Lomography Gallery Shop Seoul is initiating its first batch of Lomography workshops in their community space.

  • Sinenomine - an Exhibition

    written by tizi on 2008-05-02 #news
    Sinenomine - an Exhibition

    Salvo and Dodo present 60 selected Lomographic images in large print.

  • Lyon City Walk

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Lyon City Walk

    Lyon is a beautiful city in France. The first time I went there I was really charmed by the mood and the characteristics of the city and now, every time I go back there, I'll see always a lot of new things.

  • East Cemetery

    written by kylethefrench on 2008-04-27 #places
    East Cemetery

    As you have read from the website this is an old azz cemetery dating back before the French and Indian War in the North American Colonies.

  • Institute of Arab World

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Institute of Arab World

    The "Institut du Monde Arabe" (Institute of Arab World) is a beautiful architectural and cultural place in Paris near to the river Seine in the centre of the city. Very futuristic building, its conception was planned to be synthesis between modern European style and traditional Arabic one.

  • City Park

    written by mrrotivlarbac on 2008-04-27 #places
    City Park

    "Parque da Cidade" or City Park, it's a park located in the Boavista area

  • Bookstore Marianne Friedrich

    written by mephisto19 on 2008-04-27 #places
    Bookstore Marianne Friedrich

    A place where you always find the right book or simply have a nice talk and sometimes a cup of tea. Marianne has a bookstore, its called Der Buchladen Marianne Friedrich. I got to know her a few years ago. She wanted me for organisation-team, so we got to know each other better. She is so nice. I really love to go to her bookstore, to buy a book (they always inform me very well and find EVERY book) or to drink tea and talk.

  • Multi-storey Car Park

    written by mrszen on 2008-04-27 #places
    Multi-storey Car Park

    I love all abandoned locations. My latest find is the very top of multi-story car parks. I'm attracted only to the very top floor where people are too lazy to park. Here I have my own private world with no interruptions and where I make the rules. I have an unlimited view of the busy city below. I pity the people at street level with their lack of tranquillity. Here I am closer to heaven than they are by a good 12 floors.

  • South Bank

    written by gyllzd on 2008-04-27 #places
    South Bank

    This is my absolute all-time favorite part of London. Go anytime of the year, anytime of day. During the day you can visit the Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe theatre, wander down the Thames and see all the sights along the river (the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the National Theatre) and, my favorite of all, the big second hand book stall under a bridge, where you can find all sorts of bargains.

  • Medieval village of Sainte Agnes

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Medieval village of Sainte Agnes

    This little village is a rare photographic, historic and romantic spot on the Cote d'Azur. Sainte Agnes has the official title of the "highest coastal village of Europe"!! Indeed, it's only 3 km far from the sea and 800m high, so you got a great point of view about the whole coast of Menton (also very nice little old town...) and the beginning of Italy, and the pre-alps mountains (Mercantour parc, great place too...) behind you. An old castle (mostly in ruins) is on the top of the mountain and was built at the beginning of the 14th century with the village just below. It was a main place to control the coast and to see quickly the enemies approaching from all around. Between 1932 and 1938 a military base of the "ligne Maginot" was built inside the mountain (it was part of the defensive line between France and Germany and Italy) with big artillery towards the sea and Italy!! Nowadays it's empty and you can visit it without problems, very interesting :)

  • Tanjung Inn Villa

    written by syahrulfikri on 2008-04-27 #places
    Tanjung Inn Villa

    This place is the place where you have to stay if coming to this side

  • Wellesbourne Market

    written by starsky on 2008-04-27 #places
    Wellesbourne Market

    You can find Wellesbourne Market a few miles from the M40, sandwiched in between Leamington Spa and Stratford. Locating it shouldn't be too much trouble, as it's held in a massive airfield which is taken over every Saturday by bargain-hunters. Wellesbourne is ideal for knock-off clothes, imported cosmetics, pic 'n' mix sweets, clocks with pictures of Elvis on the face and, well, not much else.

  • Aran Islands

    written by wil6ka on 2008-04-27 #places
    Aran Islands

    A fortune teller in India read my hand recently and told me that I am loving nature. I thought this is quite rhetorical, because I don't know anyone, who doesn't love nature?!? And I am not very fond of going out into the nature, but there are a few places that just impress you to the bone. One of those places are the Aran Islands west of the grand mother island Ireland. It is one of the remains of Gaelic culture and the Celts.

  • Long Sands

    written by kylethefrench on 2008-04-27 #places
    Long Sands

    Long Sands is a beach all long and sandy in Southern Maine. It was popular with native Americans before white people came as a place for fishing and harvesting 25 pound lobsters from off the rocks (for real 25 pounds was the common size before whitey came) and then settlers came in the 1630s. Some wars happened, many settlers and many more natives were killed, natives left, the sea-trade came. Crazy things happened like a mile out into the sea from this beach, there is a tiny rock outcropping called Boon Island where a ship crashed and the sailors were stuck out there, this is the 1850s, anyways they were stuck for a couple of months in the winter and they started to eat the dead guys to stay alive, we don't remember this in history because the Donner party is more famous now.

  • St Mary's Church

    written by starsky on 2008-04-27 #places
    St Mary's Church

    Belfast's most famous place of worship is probably St. Anne's Cathedral, located by Cathedral Quarter, a hive of activity at its annual Arts Festival. But in a most unlikely place, St Mary's Church also provides some astonishingly silent sanctuary. A few doors up from Castle Court, Belfast's biggest shopping centre, St Mary's is in a rather odd location, but still a retreat in the midst of city centre madness. Built in 1784, it was Belfast's first Catholic church - before it opened its door, Belfast's Catholic population met to worship at a site called Friar's Bush. Inside the church can be seen brightly-painted statues, Italian artwork, dramatic arrangements of candles and, of course, a depiction of the Sacred Heart.

  • Ferris Wheel

    written by jhunnie on 2008-04-27 #places
    Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris wheel that is similar to the London Eye was unveiled in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It is called The Eye on Malaysia, the tallest portable observation wheel in South-East Asia. This 60-metre structure is located at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

  • World Cyber Games

    written by wil6ka on 2008-04-27 #places
    World Cyber Games

    Gaming is such an interesting and modern field. There will be much to come and the worldwide network is already astonishing. In most of the industrial Asian countries eSport is an official Sport with stadiums solely for witnessing competitive gaming and there are people who earn a fortune playing in a league and doing promotion for sponsors.

  • Basar Kapali Çarsi

    written by wil6ka on 2008-04-27 #places
    Basar Kapali Çarsi

    * When: always

  • Praia Grande

    written by dux_x on 2008-04-27 #places
    Praia Grande

    Praia Grande is one of the most popular Sao Paulo's beaches on the northern coast of Brazil. When you are in Ubatuba and looking for some crazy action, Praia Grande is the place for you. Waves, music, people, beer and Sun on almost 2 km long sandy beach by the South Atlantic Ocean.

  • Cappuccino

    written by golfpunkgirl on 2008-04-27 #places

    There is absolutely nothing that can beat an authentic Italian cappuccino. I've always been a big fan of coffee and though many parts of the world are known for their different coffee varieties and beans...the cappuccino has always been a favourite of mine (and incidentally I discovered the cappuccino actually originated from Vienna!). When in Italy, it doesn't matter where you go, be it a fancy 100-year-old cafe or the little corner snack bar with two tables out front, the cappuccinos they serve are always top-knotch. I must've drunk about 42 cups in my 2 week stay and not once did it disappoint.

  • Magic Fountain of Montjuic

    written by suziedepingu on 2008-04-27 #places
    Magic Fountain of Montjuic

    I must say I have a bit of poor luck with this attraction. My friends and I planned to go to this magic fountain on our first evening, however, before the performance started we decided to grab a meal and go back. Then here comes the pouring rain, getting lost around the back streets, very quiet place... etc etc. all those frustrating moments. We cannot go back to see the performance on time. Argh... Can you believe our luck? Raining our first evening, when we wish to enjoy the sunshine that London doesn't have.

  • Pedra do Baú - Chest Rock

    written by dux_x on 2008-04-27 #places
    Pedra do Baú - Chest Rock

    "Above the clouds I see my shadow fly"... with this song inside my head, and wind on my face, climbing the Pedra do Baú is easy as the breeze. Leave all these bricks and walls behind you in the city and come here, at Vale do Paraíba almost the highest point of Brazil and feel the freedom, the pure air and a sort of nirvana state. People go up theses iron stairs fixed on the stone, step by step, to see the nature's beauty above an altitude of 1.700 meters, where you can see the entire valley between Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira. The big granite rock known as Pedra do Baú was a real challenge for those in search for some hardcore climbing "without stairs" (only professional people allowed, ok?!) or for normal people like you and me, who only want good moments in nature (use those stairs, of course). But be prepared to walk a lot: hiking one or two hours into the forest before you get the iron stairway to heaven. But the view…oh the view. That's magnificent view the only thing that really matters here. Don't miss this place.

  • Princes Street Gardens

    written by bedfordav on 2008-04-27 #places
    Princes Street Gardens

    Princes Street Gardens, right in the centre of Edinburgh, sandwiched between one of the busiest shopping streets in Scotland, the railway line and station and some pretty ancient and eerie graveyards, all overlooked by the stunning and historic Edinburgh Castle, perched up on its black volcanic rock. The Gardens contain the Scott Monument - a tribute to Sir Walter Scott - that you can climb up inside to get fantastic views over the whole of Edinburgh.