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  • 24h Color Negative Rumble Rodeo

    written by pan_dre on 2008-07-11 #news
    24h Color Negative Rumble Rodeo

    Welcome to the first installment of this film week's 24h rumble rodeo!

  • Fuji Provia (120, 100 iso) user-review

    written by graefin on 2008-07-11 #gear
    Fuji Provia (120, 100 iso) user-review

    The Fuji Provia is one of my favourite slide films next to the Fuji Velvia. First of all: All Fuji slides are amazing! The colours are rich, saturated and simply brilliant! I always cross process my Fuji slides to give the pictures an extra kick of colour.

  • Besalú Bridge

    written by blueliv on 2008-07-11 #places
    Besalú Bridge

    Besalú is a little village in the north-east of Catalonia (Spain), in a region known by its volcanoes (all inactive, I think) and for being the place more similar to the Tolkien´s "The Shire".

  • Instax Mini 55 Review by Liad

    written by ouroborosx on 2008-07-11 #news
    Instax Mini 55 Review by Liad

    Let me begin by saying that I have been a Polaroid addict for many years, and that the news of Polaroid's demise was for me a near cataclysmic event.

  • The Danube River

    written by mrrotivlarbac on 2008-07-11 #places
    The Danube River

    I spent 5 months in several cities in central Europe and one of the common elements in my stay in different capitals and countries was the river Danube.

  • Central London

    written by grungekitty on 2008-07-11 #places
    Central London

    Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, Soho - busy haunts dotted around the hustle and bustle of central London, where a mixture of people and cultures melt together to create a fusion of colour and fascination.

  • Demonstration in France

    written by vicuna on 2008-07-11 #places
    Demonstration in France

    If you went to France once, you perhaps had the "chance" to see one of the most typical social attitude of the French people: strike and demonstration. You can have a look at this specific social contest in almost all big cities, mostly in Paris of course, but also other main

  • Xochimilco (Mexico City)

    written by lomollete on 2008-07-11 #places
    Xochimilco (Mexico City)

    Xochimilco is one of the many neighborhoods in Mexico City, but it isn’t just any neighborhood, it’s one of the most fantastic places in Mexico City. It's a zone that maintains a lot of colorful, fantastic, and fun traditions. The most interesting thing about Xochimilco probably is the many water channels with houses, “chinampas” (chinampas are pieces of land that are put into a lake to get some more place to live in or plant crops.

  • Burnham Park

    written by eazy360 on 2008-07-11 #places
    Burnham Park

    Laid-back Baguio locals may wax nostalgic about their home city's cooler temperatures and easy traffic along Session Road back in the 1980s and decades before, but Burnham Park -the heart of how I remember this century-old mountain city located 250 kilometers north of Manila - still retains much of its rusticity and charisma.

  • Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    written by trabantdeluxe on 2008-07-11 #places
    Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    On the outskirts of Berlin in the heart of the Treptow district, lies the remnants of what was once the only amusement park in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany). Built amidst a forested area known as the Plänterwald along the banks of the river Spree, the park was opened in 1969 as "Kulturpark".

  • Film week - Now playing

    written by pan_dre on 2008-07-10 #news


  • Film Circus in Town!

    written by pan_dre on 2008-07-10 #news
    Film Circus in Town!

    Come one, come all! The film circus is coming to town, and you’re all invited for one grand ride. Hop in the analog carousel and prepare to be captivated with the wide array of film choices marching to the beat of your hearts. Drop by daily, as we’ve got exciting deals and galleries lined up for one crazy week!

  • KLICK FILM - Get 2 free rolls with every film purchase

    written by pan_dre on 2008-07-10 #news
    KLICK FILM - Get 2 free rolls with every film purchase

    Get excellent quality at a price that won’t hurt your pocket! Klick is a Fujicolor film that offers amazing sharpness and grain, with superb color saturation similar to some of the more profesional films in Fuji's lineup, even granting an enhanced shadow detail.

  • Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York)

    written by minicooper on 2008-07-10 #places
    Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York)

    Coney Island is the world's center of Freak Show, the paradise for Lomoaddicts. If you really want to go to the past, with no need of using time machines, is as easy as taking the D, F, N or Q trains from Manhattan to Coney Island. During the journey, at least one hour long, you can even sightseeing Brooklyn.

  • Museum of Electricity (Lisbon)

    written by tmmluis on 2008-07-10 #places
    Museum of Electricity (Lisbon)

    Been built in 1914 «the Tejo Power Station is one of Lisbon's architectural landmarks and boasts a façade of undeniable beauty. In its day it was a real pioneer in electricity generation. Today, almost a century since it was built, the power station has again taken on innovative aspects and a prominent position as an Electricity Museum.

  • Film Circus Special Offer: Fuji Pro 400 NPH 120 exp.

    written by pan_dre on 2008-07-10 #news
    Film Circus Special Offer: Fuji Pro 400 NPH 120 exp.

    Step right in folks the show has just begun!

  • Ko Chang

    written by lomodirk on 2008-07-10 #places
    Ko Chang

    I heard first of Ko Chang a few years ago, the so-called backpackers dream, not that much tourism, laid back people and relaxed atmosphere. I`m talking about Thailand's beautiful island in the East, close to the Cambodian border, one of the biggest islands of Thailand. Ko Chang is also named Elephant Island because the shape of the island looks with a lot like an elephant. The last time I`ve been to Thailand, I didn`t make it there but that time I planned on going there on my way back from Cambodia to Bangkok.

  • Konica Pro 400 (120, 400 iso) staff-review

    written by d_i_d on 2008-07-10 #gear
    Konica Pro 400 (120, 400 iso) staff-review

    This is a great all-purpose film. The Konica Pro 400 brings on the saturated colours and very low grain. When the sun is shining you will get amazingly clear and sharp results with this one.

  • Sabrosa (Vila Real)

    written by paper_doll on 2008-07-10 #places
    Sabrosa (Vila Real)

    Sabrosa is a municipality in the district of Vila Real in northern Portugal, composed of 15 parishes, has a total area of 180 km² and a population of almost 7000 inhabitants. Sabrosa is the place where my mother was born, so we always spend our holidays there! It’s one of the 13 municipalities that belongs to “Alto Douro Vinhateiro” or “Alto Douro Wine Region”, recently classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • Utena City

    written by mantozauras on 2008-07-10 #places
    Utena City

    Utena, one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, is related to the Narkunai castle-mound that is often mentioned in the chronicles of swordsmen. A letter of King Mindaugas in 1261, first mentioned a wooden castle by the Utenele river. According to the story, that castle was built by the Duke Utenis. Utena residents named the city's central square and a regional newspaper after this duke.

  • Introducing the Office Freaks

    written by ca-ro on 2008-07-10 #news
    Introducing the Office Freaks

    The "office freaks quiz": wasn't all that easy it has to be said. As well as some of the usual office suspects there are some new faces thrown in there...

  • Lucbuan Cemetery (Cuyo, Palawan)

    written by warshock on 2008-07-10 #places
    Lucbuan Cemetery (Cuyo, Palawan)

    I was amazed when I saw this place - a small cemetery just above the beach front. A very solemn and quiet place, ideal place to, well, talk to dead relatives. Some of the crosses are old and have the designs of the late 18th century, those who were buried here probably were rich Spanish descendants who stayed after the Philippines regained its freedom from Spain early 1900s. Other crosses are makeshift from woods and lumber, probably owned by the locals.

  • Lomnicky Stit

    written by jogintas on 2008-07-10 #places
    Lomnicky Stit

    Hello there, height lovers! I am just in love with Slovakian Tatras, to be precise - the High Tatras, or as the natives call them Vysokye Tatry. These mountains are situated in the north of the country, and right near the mountain there is a small road (called the route of love, or just Nr.537). On that road there are a lot of relaxation and tourism towns, often beloved by winter sports lovers, but during the summer (or even spring) you can still find a lot to do there.

  • Sung Sot Cave

    written by ianysip on 2008-07-10 #places
    Sung Sot Cave

    Located in Bo Hon Island, at the center of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area Ha Long Bay, the Sung Sot Cave (which means “Surprising Cave” or “Cave of Awe”) boasts of having one of the best and largest grottoes of Vietnam. Before getting there, be sure to get ready with high-ASA films and long/bulb exposure shots!

  • Tver

    written by grad on 2008-07-10 #places

    Tver is a city in Russia. Tver was formerly the capital of a powerful medieval state and a model provincial town in Imperial Russia with population of 60,000 on January 1/14.1913. It is located at the confluence of the Volga and Tvertsa Rivers. The city was known as Kalinin from 1931 to 1990.

  • Easter Island (Hanga Roa)

    written by coca on 2008-07-10 #places
    Easter Island (Hanga Roa)

    Easter island is a Polynesian island of the South Pacific and is a territory of Chile. Easter Island or Rapa Nui (in Rapa Nui language) is famous for its giant statues made of volcanic rock called Moai. The statues are all over the island and they were constructed to represent the dead men and ancestors of the island.

  • Jasper National Park (Canada)

    written by lomofirda on 2008-07-10 #places
    Jasper National Park (Canada)

    Jasper National Park was the highlight of my trip to Western Canada last year. It is the largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain Parks and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It consists of broad valleys, rugged mountains, glaciers, forests, alpine meadows and wild rivers. It has abundant numbers of numbers of elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer and other large animals.

  • Teluk Intan tower

    written by eastmoe on 2008-07-10 #places
    Teluk Intan tower

    The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan is one of the most curious landmarks in Perak, and perhaps in the whole Malaysia as well. For over a hundred years this grandfather of towers squats on the edge of Jalan Selat next to Jalan Pasar. When it was built in 1885, it was known as the High Clock Tower because of the clock on it that is still working right to this day......

  • Mido Restaurant (Hong Kong)

    written by iamwen on 2008-07-10 #places
    Mido Restaurant (Hong Kong)

    Mido Restaurant is a Hong Kong style cafe located at Yau Ma Dei, Temple street. Inside the restaurant, it has a very retro feel. From the decoration of the floor, furniture, you could feel the age of this restaurant. This restaurant started operating from 1950 and it is still in operation until now.

  • Petrzalka (Bratislava)

    written by olique on 2008-07-10 #places
    Petrzalka (Bratislava)

    Petrzalka is part of Bratislava (capital city of small state - Slovakia - in Europe). It is place where I live, but so interesting to put it here. Some people from outside are scared to go here, perhaps because they have never seen a place like this..