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  • Instant Photography Lives

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-22 #news
    Instant Photography Lives

    Polaroid-style photography is more alive than ever! This means all the Polaroid die-hards can finally throw off their black suits, come out of mourning and rejoice! While it may be true that Polaroid is getting out of the instant photography game, Fuji has taken the baton. Fuji Instax cameras are a new generation of instant camera. Using Polaroid know-how as a base Fuji has made big leaps ininstant photo technology - meaning faster development, more mod-cons, great colour reproduction and cheaper instant film. Lomography is pleased to present the most exciting new instant photo cameras and legendary Polaroid deadstock, plus all the instant film you could need!

  • Michigan Central Station (Detroit)

    written by graycard on 2008-09-22 #places
    Michigan Central Station (Detroit)

    Old buildings intrigue me. I think about the stories that could be told if the walls could talk. Michigan Central Station at 2405 West Vernor in Detroit opened in 1913 and operated as a passenger rail station until the last Amtrak train pulled away from the station on January 6, 1988.

  • How to Tag

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-22 #news
    How to Tag

    Tagging, aka keywording (as it was called on the old site) is here for us to use and make organization of pictures easy. In order to make it user friendly we need to have a uniform system of tagging among us. Please see our suggestions by "Miriel": from the Archive below, these are the main points we believe will help tagging improve :)

  • Casablanca

    written by misskhali on 2008-09-21 #places

    A friend of mine was living in Casablanca for his work last year. I went to visit him last summer for a week and a half at the beginning of June (less heat, less tourists).

  • Fed 2 Type 3

    written by adi_totp on 2008-09-21 #gear
    Fed 2 Type 3

    I got one myself in a flea market but to be honest the seller is so scary. He is so tall and got some cool tattoos in his big hand. No I'm not gonna review the seller of this Fed 2 Type 3 and I got the maroon edition. All my friends says the brown is from the blood and I think they're so wrong! This Russian jewel is so lovely and the Industar lens makes the image so old and crisp yet still have that russian mood going on.

  • Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan/Malaysia

    written by jhunnie on 2008-09-21 #places
    Port Dickson,  Negeri Sembilan/Malaysia

    Port Dickson More popularly known as PD, is synonymous with sun and fun on the beach. Situated a mere 60km from Kuala Lumpur it is an ideal place for those from the city seeking temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of a hectic and stressful life. Port Dickson is about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Tipster Of The Day: Your Plastic Impressionist

    written by zoe191 on 2008-09-21 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster Of The Day: Your Plastic Impressionist

    We always thought capturing an image of reality in life is about seeing everything in its right place, in a manner of photographic perfection. But then again we are always confronted by the fact that life is indeed an imperfect situation we are in...

  • Pioneer Plaza

    written by vtayeh on 2008-09-21 #places
    Pioneer Plaza

    When you visit Texas, in particular Dallas, this is one of those iconic places to see. Pioneer Plaza is the home of 40 bronze statues depicting a cattle drive from the 1800s. It was designed by a native Texan, Robert Summers and each sculpture has such detail that the only way to see it is go ahead and jump on them! Just Kidding :D

  • This is My LomoStory ... What's Yours?

    written by shhquiet on 2008-09-20 #news
    This is My LomoStory ... What's Yours?

    I first discovered Lomography when Netscape browsers were all the rage. I was checking out someone personal's website and saw a photo taken with the LC-A. I have never seen anything like it - vignettes, grain, and the explosion of colours. Needless to say I was impressed, but I gave up hopes of acquiring such camera since I was still a student on a tight budget.

  • Vivitar UWS - The Smallest Wide Angle Plastic Camera

    written by vicuna on 2008-09-20 #gear
    Vivitar UWS - The Smallest Wide Angle Plastic Camera

    The Vivitar UWS (for Ultra Wide & Slim) is perhaps the smallest lightweight plastic camera that offers a wide angle lens of 22mm. The name of the camera describes it perfectly, this cam is really slim (only about 2,5 cm x 6,5 cm x10 cm) and the lens is really wide!

  • Bandung City

    written by adi_totp on 2008-09-20 #places
    Bandung City

    Bandung Haloo Bandung.. My beloved City, I born in this city and I live in this city. I LOVE BANDUNG VERY MUCH. There so much to talk about Bandung but in this chance I'd like to talk about the street life in Bandung.

  • Novgorod Kremlin

    written by grad on 2008-09-20 #places
    Novgorod Kremlin

    The Detinets ("Young Man's Compound," from the same root as the Russian word deti = children) is the ancient name for the Kremlin or fortress in Novgorod the Great, which stands on the left bank of the Volkhov River about two miles north of where it empties out of Lake Ilmen.

  • Kodak Ektachrome EPR (120, 64 iso) user-review

    written by adi_totp on 2008-09-20 #gear
    Kodak Ektachrome EPR (120, 64 iso) user-review

    Hot Saturday with Kodak Ektachrome EPR: One day I was walking to a film shop, then the shopkeeper says to me "hey lad,there is some expired 120 film and it's a positive one too",after she says that to me she hands me some box full of 120 film. It was that Kodak Ektachrome and also expired six years, (expired from year 2002) and after that I go hunting with my new expired film and my beloved Holga 120 CFN

  • Baschnja - Abandoned Water-Tower Buchara

    written by wil6ka on 2008-09-19 #places
    Baschnja - Abandoned Water-Tower Buchara

    Uzbekistan is a fantastic country with several ancient cities, which were once part of the legendary silk road. One of them is Buchara. But I am not so much a historic site-checker, if you know what I mean. I rather go for the undiscovered urban places that hold a certain arcane quality.

  • St. Nikolai Memorial, Hamburg

    written by graefin on 2008-09-19 #places
    St. Nikolai Memorial, Hamburg

    Like many churches in Germany, St. Nikolai has suffered bomb attacks during the Second World War. It remained a ruin after the war to remind following generations that war is the most terrible thing mankind can do. The church was once one of the seven main churches in the city area of Hamburg although it now is a memorial.

  • Behind the Scenes: Q&A with adi_totp

    written by shhquiet on 2008-09-19 #news
    Behind the Scenes: Q&A with adi_totp

    Adi is a 21-year-old Financial Management student in Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java,Indonesia. He's also one of the most active Lomographers in the community! Besides taking photos and hanging out with friends and family, he likes to collect cameras and eat delicious food. Let's get to know him more, shall we? :)

  • Double Whammy! Round-the-Clock Rumble Winners

    written by kazarareta on 2008-09-19 #news
    Double Whammy! Round-the-Clock Rumble Winners

    This is definitely one of the toughest round-the-clock rumbles we had to judge. A really insane number of submissions presented the infinite possibilities of doubling up their shots. But like all good things, there is an end to this great rumble.

  • Picking the Winners

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-19 #news
    Picking the Winners

    Picking winners is never easy, and we understand that some of you may question our choice of winners at time, some of you hinting that we have a random system in place doing the work for us. We have also seen several comments recently that many of the winning pictures are good but do not fit the theme of the competition and that submissions are winning that do not meet requirements. That’s why we thought we could take some time and answer some questions.

  • Genting "Feng Lai Xian Jing" (Pahang)

    written by jhunnie on 2008-09-19 #places
    Genting "Feng Lai Xian Jing" (Pahang)

    Situated 51 km northeast of the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur, Genting is easily accessible by road. It takes only 45 minutes to go up to Genting from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Lomography Exhibition by Mephisto19

    written by katja on 2008-09-19 #news
    Lomography Exhibition by Mephisto19

    Stephan Kaps aka Mephisto19 heartily invites all Lomographers around to visit his LomoWall Exhibition in Hohnhorst, Germany. Just drop by at the cosy "Hofcafe Bruns" and take a look at the lomographic vew of Stephans home town and it's picturesque surroundings.

  • Brunnsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden

    written by anarchy on 2008-09-19 #places
    Brunnsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Brunnsparken is the junction point for Gothenburgs public transportation system, during rush hour there are as many as 120 tram and 130 bus departures every hour (that's more than 4 departures every minute).

  • Cornish Tip Holidays: It's like camping, but better! (Cornwall)

    written by tommynorth on 2008-09-18 #places
    Cornish Tip Holidays: It's like camping, but better! (Cornwall)

    I went on this holiday in July 08 and it was my first proper holiday in a long time. Having lived in the big smoke all my life i know the value of getting out. Every time i think about this holiday i get a little misty eyed because it was perfect. It has a lake with trout you can eat....

  • This LA Meet-up is the Pits!

    written by ouroborosx on 2008-09-18 #news
    This LA Meet-up is the Pits!

    The La Brea Tar Pits that is!

  • Tiles For America (New York City)

    written by skyblueskin on 2008-09-18 #places
    Tiles For America (New York City)

    Located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 11th Street in Greenwich Village "Tiles For America" is an outdoor memorial that began on 12th September 2001. In the aftermath of the tragedy, large crowds gathered in front of St. Vincent's Hospital. This was the hospital that was prepared to receive the thousands of survivors that people were hopeful there would be.

  • Seagull TLR 4B-1

    written by cosmicgypsy on 2008-09-18 #gear
    Seagull TLR 4B-1

    What can i say, the Seagull is an instant attention getter. How old is this? Where did you find it? Does it work? They don't expect this chunky camera to take the stunning pictures it does. This camera may be one of the reasons film is not dead.

  • Greenwich London

    written by lazyrabbit on 2008-09-18 #places
    Greenwich London

    This is a really nice spot in London. There are lovely buildings and great views of the whole of London if you walk to the observatory. There are also museums to keep you entertained to! Because of this there are lots of tourists which is good for candid shots and there are pretty good shops and facilities. It is really easy to get to either by train, bus or even the river!

  • A Lomography and Colette Collaboration

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-18 #news
    A Lomography and Colette Collaboration

    Submit your images and stories as seen through a woman's lens (perspective), get published in the upcoming colette x DianaloguesLomography collaboration Dianalogues 1: "Through a woman's lens" book and receive a limited edition Diana F+ camera personalised with your name!

  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Le Rouge Film Redscaling EXTENDED

    written by kazarareta on 2008-09-18 #news
    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Le Rouge Film Redscaling EXTENDED

    We are happy to announce to everyone that we are extending the Le Rouge: Film Redscaling rumble!

  • Kodak Ektachrome 100G (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    written by saviorjosh on 2008-09-18 #gear
    Kodak Ektachrome 100G (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    A little more than just being natural: This film is neither for the color-blind xpro maniacs or the other way around that likes to have it "__au naturelle__", but an ideal choice for those who wants to see what's something in between!

  • First Impression, Love, and Oktomat

    written by adi_totp on 2008-09-18 #gear
    First Impression, Love, and Oktomat

    First time I met Oktomat was in 2008,on April. My friend lend me her Oktomat then I start to shoot with her Oktomat. IT WAS REALLY FUN!! Then I went so crazy with the Oktomat and finishing 4 rolls of film in one day! All my Lomo friends says "come on Adi,you must buy an Oktomat!"