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  • Smena Symbol Winners

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-08 #news
    Smena Symbol Winners

    The second rumble for the Smena Symbol is over. The first time around we felt that there were not as many submissions into the night shoot category nor the b&w sections as we had hoped for. Hence we called for a second rumble!

  • Kodak Ektachrome EPR (120, 64 iso) user-review

    written by vtayeh on 2008-09-08 #gear
    Kodak Ektachrome EPR (120, 64 iso) user-review

    Beautiful Kodak slide film with the finest grain size possible! This is my everyday film for all my medium format cameras. The Ektachrome EPR delivers the perfect color saturation and contrast which makes all your images dramatic and beautiful. When cross-processed, sometimes you’ll get a mild blue shit and a little extra color; but sometimes you’ll get these greens and yellows that are amazing too!

  • Photoautomat in Hamburg

    written by graefin on 2008-09-08 #places
    Photoautomat in Hamburg

    A wonderful discovery of the wonderful black and white Photoautomat at Feldstraße in Hamburg. I guess you all know those old instant photo booths where you could do 4 different snapshots (originally for using those pictures in your passport) or get as many of your friends into the cabin and try to get all the heads on one picture.

  • Khao San Road, Bangkok

    written by eazy360 on 2008-09-07 #places
    Khao San Road, Bangkok

    At the busy neighborhood of Banglamphu north of the Grand Palace lies the famous backpacker's Mecca: Khao San Road. Chaos is constant in Khao San, a pulsating plethora of multicultural, gastronomical and commercial life... true to the images swirling in my head as I read Alex Garland's cult-classic-turned-blockbuster about a secret paradise with a dark side, called "The Beach" :

  • Tipster Of The Day: Cut Parts & Pull Shapes

    written by julirai on 2008-09-07 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster Of The Day: Cut Parts & Pull Shapes

    If you think you've seen and tried all the "Holga Modifications": possible, look again...

  • The Belgian Pier

    written by stephaniededeyne on 2008-09-07 #places
    The Belgian Pier

    There is a little piece of history in my town and it's called 'de pier.'

  • Doubles With Subject

    written by mephisto19 on 2008-09-06 #news
    Doubles With Subject

    If you make doubles with yourself, you can shoot a whole layer on a certain subject. Then rewind the film, insert it in (the same or another) camera and shoot a second layer. I like the repetition of subjects, form, structures. Good subjects to use are plants and flowers, I shoot one film with fruit and vegetables (be careful in supermarkets, sometimes they are unfriendleye there!) or one layer with my beloved dog.

  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    written by anarchy on 2008-09-06 #places
    Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square received global media attention in 2004 as the focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gathered in the Independence Square in Kiev during November, 2004. On some days, the number of protesters in the center of Kiev reached hundreds of thousands (one million by some estimates). Today, things have calmed down a little and the tented city that sprung up overnight has long gone. Independence Square, however, is still the city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching.

  • Elliott Bay Book Store

    written by wil6ka on 2008-09-06 #places
    Elliott Bay Book Store

    This is the most interesting bookstore i have ever been to, full stop! I have been to many booksellers, but they are mostly very specified. Good in one thing, but lacking in many other things.

  • Santa Barbara

    written by mattdude1081 on 2008-09-06 #places
    Santa Barbara

    If you want to take a break from the smoggy, bustling city, Santa Barbara is where you need to be. It's no Hawaii, but it's a nice and atmospheric change from your usual life. Whatever you want to do, it's in your reach. Whether it be camping, surfing, shopping, wine tasting, or just plain roaming, it's all here. Just don't try to do everything in one day. I tried, its impossible.

  • Agfa Portrait (120, 150 iso) user-review

    written by champi on 2008-09-06 #gear
    Agfa Portrait (120, 150 iso) user-review

    I think Agfa Portrait is the most "natural rendering" film I used so far with my Holga... But I love to get strange colors with holga, so here is my special tip with this film!

  • Röda Sten & Älvsborgsbron

    written by anarchy on 2008-09-06 #places
    Röda Sten & Älvsborgsbron

    The building, which is the central part of this area, was built in 1940 to serve as an industrial heating central.

  • Fountain Square, Indianapolis, Indiana

    written by drudolph on 2008-09-05 #places
    Fountain Square, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Lying just east of downtown Indianapolis lies Fountain Square. Fountain Square is a historic district in the city that has tons of lomo moments just waiting to be captured. All the building are exactly as they were years ago and there is also an original Duckpin Bowling alley from the twenties. If you are looking for a nice place to eat, this is it. There are several diners and restaurants to choose from and they all have their own special appeal.

  • Urban Nomad Deadline Reminder

    written by ouroborosx on 2008-09-05 #news
    Urban Nomad Deadline Reminder

    Hey there nomads, tramps, and vagabonds.

  • Diana+ Workshop by Adam Scott- Shoot first, think later

    written by katja on 2008-09-05 #news
    Diana+ Workshop by Adam Scott- Shoot first, think later

    The London based professional photographer and passionate Lomographer Adam Scott presents his Diana+ workshop. Join the 2 days devoted to the princess of analogue cameras and learn the newest top secret tips and tricks, see how to deal with unpredictable effects and meet the brand new Diana+ accessories.

  • Esteron River (Carros)

    written by vicuna on 2008-09-05 #places
    Esteron River (Carros)

    Fed up with the beach and touristic crowd of the french riviera?? So why don't you go to the river? I got a very special place to go, revealing a secret place known by a very few people...

  • Boston

    written by ipdegirl on 2008-09-05 #places

    If you want a truly lo-fi, analogue, old-fashioned vacation take a trip to a little seaside town about 45 minutes northeast of Boston, MA called Nahant--which means 'almost an island'. It truly lives up to it's name as it's connected to the 'mainland' by a causeway that was built-up to accommodate a road. This lovely 1.2 square mile town is worlds away from the hustle-and-bustle of the big city of Boston that is visible just across the Bay on a clear day.

  • Fill the Map!

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-05 #news
    Fill the Map!

    With the introduction of the new Lomolocations map here in the magazine this section has been brought to a new level. There are already 1040 locations online and more being added daily. We believe that the map allows for a new level of navigation, meant to make it easier for you to find a review of choice.

  • Guidelines for Submitting Location Entries

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-05 #news
    Guidelines for Submitting Location Entries

    The following guidelines have been prepared for you to see what it is that we look at before we publish a location. As you will see, the guidelines allow for personal freedom yet they point out several things that you should think about when writing an entry. A location should be a location. What we mean by this is that a location entry should be a specific place, not a general city. Therefore, Paris is not good, but the Eiffel Tower is great.

  • Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)

    written by eazy360 on 2008-09-05 #places
    Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)

    Upon entering the most sacred temple in Thailand, you will be overwhelmed by its ornate grandiosity and magnificent religious art, leaving you gawking at the entire orchestration in a state of pseudo-nirvana: "Wat a sight!"

  • Garden for The Blind @ Queen Sirikit Park

    written by evev on 2008-09-05 #places
    Garden for The Blind @ Queen Sirikit Park

    I am amazed to enter the garden for the blind. It is the first time for me. When I walk through the garden, there is sound from a loud speaker telling about flowers in the spot that I am standing. Everything in the garden is decorated for the blind. It is the segment of the big Queen Sirikit Park. You can enjoy other section, peaceful and harmonious with nature.

  • The Buren's Columns (Paris)

    written by louison on 2008-09-04 #places
    The Buren's Columns (Paris)

    The Buren’s columns are perfect to take pictures. You can use your friends or your family to compose a great pictures: say to your mother «you! sit down on this little column! now! », ask your father «just stay motionless like a statue », order your sister «don’t move! stand up on this 3 meters high column! raise your hand like that! yes! NOOooooo! YEs!»

  • Fed 3

    written by brendend on 2008-09-04 #gear
    Fed 3

    A hefty Russian rangefinder with a beautiful Industar 61 lens that's willing to put out and give you beautiful, sharp, vibrant photos on the first date - as long as you get to know him first!

  • Come Rain or Shine

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-04 #news
    Come Rain or Shine

    These days you can go on vacation all-year round... And, if you don't fancy the slopes and après-ski in the winter you can get jet off to another corner of the globe and catch some rays. It's a good thing that Lomography is an all-season activity!

  • Playmobil Funpark (Zirndorf)

    written by minicooper on 2008-09-04 #places
    Playmobil Funpark (Zirndorf)

    Did you play with Playmobil when you were younger? Have you ever pictured yourself inside the pirate ship or defending the medieval castle?

  • New Beta Homes Count

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-09-04 #news
    New Beta Homes Count

    A week has passed since we gave you the last statistics from the Beta site. It is time to now give out some more piggies to the most active users in the last 7 days!

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

    written by artpunk on 2008-09-04 #places
    Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

    The largest monolith in the world sits majestically in the center of the Australian landmass. With the beautiful rocks of Kata Tjuta (meaning 'many heads' in the traditional aboriginal _Pinjantjatjara_ language) nearby (well, 50 kms by road distant from Uluru which _is_ nearby if you are used to driving Australian distances!), this is one of the most amazing areas in the world that you can visit.

  • Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn)

    written by eazy360 on 2008-09-04 #places
    Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn)

    Named after the morning glow that bounces off its mosaic Khmer-style towers called prangs, the Wat Arun or Temple of the Dawn sits by the Chao Phraya River that meanders down through the bewildering urban sprawl of Greater Bangkok.

  • Manifattura Moncalieri (Torino)

    written by champi on 2008-09-03 #places
    Manifattura Moncalieri (Torino)

    I can't remember how many times I passed in front of this abandoned factory with my car, insulting myself for not having a camera with me to take a few shots of this awesome piece of architecture... Till the day I said come on, I have to go there and shoot! So I took my bag with a few cameras and drove to the factory!

  • Urban Nomad Week 1 Winners!

    written by ouroborosx on 2008-09-03 #news
    Urban Nomad Week 1 Winners!

    The time is upon us to reflect on the first week of fierce competition in the Urban Nomad competition.