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  • Port of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2008-10-21 #places
    Port of Nice

    The port of Nice is one of my favorite place to shoot. It's a very inspiring place, not only because it's a wide open space in front of the sea, but also because there are always a lot of new big ships to see, prestigious old sailboats or impressing giant cruisers.

  • MoMA (New York City)

    written by mblair23 on 2008-10-21 #places
    MoMA (New York City)

    The Museum of Modern Art in New York is the most famous modern art museum in the world. It was founded in 1929 by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Lillie P. Bliss, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan, and Alfred Barr, Jr., among others. The museum began with just 9 works, and the collection now boasts hundreds of thousands of works of art including paintings, prints, drawings, films, sculptures, books, and photos. MoMA hosts all sorts of cultural events, educational activities, and international programs.

  • Saint Johns - Minnesota

    written by nakolb on 2008-10-20 #places
    Saint Johns - Minnesota

    Just outside of Saint Joseph there is a college called Saint Johns. I go to the high school that is located on campus. I think it is a really cool place to go and check out if you are in the area. It is very beautiful as well, especially during the fall season when all the leaves are changing.

  • RedScale-Gallery by Lyocell

    written by d_i_d on 2008-10-20 #news
    RedScale-Gallery by Lyocell

    Are you ready for another amazing RedSclae-Gallery taken by one of our handpicked film-testers?

  • Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    written by pan_dre on 2008-10-20 #news
    Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    Happy Monday everybody and welcome once again to pan_dre's shopping guide. With new deliveries rushing in, we have some familiar face back in the shop today as well as a pinhole newcomer waiting for it's chance to shine.

  • Green Bridge (Vilnius)

    written by mantozauras on 2008-10-20 #places
    Green Bridge (Vilnius)

    The Žaliasis Tiltas, or “Green Bridge” is the oldest bridge in Vilnius. This bridge is one of the interesting places to see in Vilnius. It's hard to overlook the four massive Soviet sculptures at its corners. Green Bridge is the only bridge in Vilnius boasting sculptures of any kind.

  • Santa Maria Underwater Exhibition by Alexandra Pace

    written by katja on 2008-10-20 #news
    Santa Maria Underwater Exhibition by Alexandra Pace

    During the Maltese religious Santa Maria feast when most of Malta’s inhabitants were off for vacation and the island became empty and deserted, the Lomographer Alexandra Pace headed for the beach. This hot spot of Malta which is the only place always crowded with people, served as a wonderful inspiration for a Lomographic Underwater shooting.

  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Sprocket Holes Galore

    written by kazarareta on 2008-10-20 #news
    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Sprocket Holes Galore

    For this installment of RTCR, we are asking for your best photos with *sprocket holes*!

  • Vilnius Cathedral

    written by mantozauras on 2008-10-20 #places
    Vilnius Cathedral

    Vilnius Cathedral is the main Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lithuania. It is situated in Vilnius Old Town and it is one of the most attractive places for the tourists. The coronations of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania took place in its predecessors.

  • Cable Release Self-Portraits Edition Winners

    written by kazarareta on 2008-10-20 #news
    Cable Release Self-Portraits Edition Winners

    We hope everyone had a good weekend! As we welcome yet another week in la la Lomoland, we would like to announce our winners for our recently concluded cable release self-portrait rumbles.

  • Fuji Neopan (35mm, 1600 iso) user-review

    written by petunia on 2008-10-20 #gear
    Fuji Neopan  (35mm, 1600 iso) user-review

    Fast and Loose Fuji! Regarded as the photojournalist's choice where high-speed shooting (and developing) was a priority in the days before digital, Fuji Neopan 1600 is still the film lover's preference when capturing street and portrait photos under pretty much any lighting conditions.

  • Fuji Astia (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    written by jhunnie on 2008-10-20 #gear
    Fuji Astia (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    I was so shocked the moment I saw the outcome of the Fuji Astia, I already fall for it!

  • Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery (Chatsworth CA)

    written by brendend on 2008-10-20 #places
    Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery (Chatsworth CA)

    Nestled in the rustic hills of Chatsworth, CA, Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery is a location I've grown up with. My great grandma is buried here, among many notable names, including Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Stephen Boyd, so frequent visits were made all through my childhood and now into my adult years.

  • Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    written by plasticniki on 2008-10-19 #gear
    Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    You won't believe the results you get with this 100% plastic camera. I bought my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (known as a 'Viv' in some circles) from eBay after years of lusting after one. It has everything required for anyone with a good eye to become an amazing photographer: absolutely no control over anything, fixed exposure/aperture/focus, no battery or flash; just put a film in and away you go.

  • Picture This! winner

    written by shhquiet on 2008-10-19 #news
    Picture This! winner

    __"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you."__

  • Agfa Clack

    written by agrimony on 2008-10-19 #gear
    Agfa Clack

    The Agfa Clack camera was produced from 1954 until 1965. It uses 120 mm film and is part of the Agfa box series – several kinds of cameras designed like a box which were inexpensive and easy to use for everybody. After I had unpacked my Agfa Clack camera I almost had to laugh because of its unusual and somehow funny look – it is the big black teddy bear among all my other analogue cameras. I found it on an online auction for 8€.

  • Tipster Of The Day: Can You Release My Cable?

    written by thisbmikev on 2008-10-19 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster Of The Day: Can You Release My Cable?

    On taking photos at low light conditions especially at night when long exposures are inevitable they say to hold your breath, let your index finger depress the shutter button and just wait for your LC-A's second click.

  • Supersampler : Never a Disappointing Picture

    written by stephkelly on 2008-10-19 #gear
    Supersampler : Never a Disappointing Picture

    I've had my supersampler for almost a year and it's one of the best purchases i've made. It took shooting a few rolls to get the hang of how the camera works, but now I rarely get a "bad" picture from it. Two important things to keep in mind when shooting with this camera: 1) the more light in your environment, the better. This camera is really meant for outdoor usage, specifically on a sunny day...that's when you'll get the best colors from your film, and 2) Motion. This camera is great at capturing motion if you take advantage of it. You can shoot your subject as it's moving or move you camera while shooting. This will produce much more interesting photos than holding the camera still while shooting a static subject.

  • The Haunted Brick Building (Central Point US)

    written by strangelilgirl on 2008-10-18 #places
    The Haunted Brick Building (Central Point US)

    This brick building, located in Central Point and built in 1908, was recently placed on the National Historical Society list as a building that cannot be torn down. But there is another side to this building that is just as interesting as it's looks and age...

  • Southampton Docks

    written by lazyrabbit on 2008-10-18 #places
    Southampton Docks

    So I have been in Southampton just a few weeks now after moving here for uni. It is really easy to get to from London and other surrounding cities by rail, and there is also an airport here to. Once in the city it is really easy to find your way to the docks on foot.

  • Lubitel+ Masterclasses: Working With Film Speed

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-10-18 #news
    Lubitel+ Masterclasses: Working With Film Speed

    Previously, Mandi gave us a background about choosing the right speed for different lighting conditions. Now he’s going to show some examples on how to work with certain film speeds should you want to let the speed control your body.

  • Kodak Instamatic 33

    written by agrimony on 2008-10-18 #people #gear
    Kodak Instamatic 33

    The Kodak Instamatic Camera is a camera which was developed in the 1960s to simplify the use of film. The idea was to put in and out a film without any problems because the insertion of normal film often caused troubles. Even professional photographers did it wrong sometimes so that a whole series of their photos was destroyed. So Kodak developed the cassette film (126 film) a rather cheap alternative to usual film at this time, and the above mentioned Instamatic camera. You just have to insert the cassette into the camera – the film transport starts when you turn the film transportation wheel. There is only one producer who still builds 126 films: the Italian company Ferrania. The trade name of the film is Solaris. The format is square and it has 24 exposures. They don’t produce black and white film or slide film anymore.

  • Feeding the bulldog

    written by somapic on 2008-10-18 #news
    Feeding the bulldog

    Actually I’m more a cat person than a dogs- man. Never the less I immediately agreed on taking care for the monster of bulldog waiting for a master in the office.

  • Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

    written by dudgrickbevins on 2008-10-18 #places
    Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

    “I think that I shall never see/ A poem lovely a tree/ A tree whose hungry mouth is prest/ Against the Earth’s sweet flowing breast.” Come on now… don’t act like you didn’t have to read that poem in freshmen lit! We all did! Maybe you had to memorize it; I don’t know, but I do know that Mr Joyce (he’s a dude) Kilmer did write it and everyone loved the poem SOOO much that they gave it (him and his poem) a memorial Forest – a nice one too.

  • Broadbeach

    written by patpotato on 2008-10-18 #places

    A little further down from the hardest hit tourist destination of the Gold Coast (surfers paradise) lies a place which offers all the entertainment of its northern sister (actually more) without that tacky tourist-built feeling. right on the beach and wrapped around the trunks of architecturally amazing buildings is a string of great restaurants and humble cafes, complete with jazz music wafting from the street corner every so often.

  • The Mystery of Silay City

    written by ethermoon on 2008-10-18 #places
    The Mystery of Silay City

    We were in a strange, dizzying effect, like we just got drugged or something. That happened a few hours after me and my friends visited Silay City, an old town-turned-city because of its flourishing sugar-cane production. Most of us love the old horror ghost towns - not to mention the creepy abandoned houses. Well, here in Silay City you can just be one to have one. Every corner of the streets is filled with old and pretty houses, here and there, people laughing and enjoying a good sunny day, horses traveling to and fro - a perfect time for LOMOGRAPHY!!!

  • My LomoStory by makeyuu

    written by shhquiet on 2008-10-17 #news
    My LomoStory by makeyuu

    I think I had a friend in school that first showed me some lomographic camera on a website. I first did not show any interest but later I found the official lomographic website and that was when I first entered the enormous, warm and analogue world of these unpredictable, oddly shaped cameras. Sitting in school and studying half the time, wandering through the website the other half. There were so many pictures to look at, so much to read about these eye opening lenses. Lomography gave me this great feeling. To see the world as something great, discovering all the interesting details and documenting, documenting and documenting. Always having your camera with you, looking for shootable things. The next step would be very natural: buying these tools of living.

  • Corsica

    written by krusty1980 on 2008-10-17 #places

    Corsica also called "The beauty Island" is in the Mediterranean Sea. This island contains the "GR20": , one of Europe's most famous and difficult hiking trails. There is many beautiful mountains with a lot of rivers like the Tavignano, the Restonica with very cold water but after a hard hiking it's a pleasure to swim in a pure water.

  • Flowerama 2 Rumble Winners

    written by kazarareta on 2008-10-17 #news
    Flowerama 2 Rumble Winners

    What more to end the week with colourful dessert of the best flower pictures on our second Flowerama installment? We had a lot of really good entries this time around, just right enough for the snowy few months to come.

  • Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    written by sadmafioso on 2008-10-17 #gear
    Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    Now we’re talking... The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is an all-plastic 22mm-lensed piece of crap that takes some of the most wonderful images you’ll ever see produced from a camera. What strikes you when you first hold the Vivitar UW&S is it’s weight – or lack of. It truly is feather light, even with the film inside. A single button sits on top, there’s a rudimentary tiny viewfinder.. and that’s it. Just point, click, and go develop those near-fisheyed strange and beautiful shots.