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  • SUK11 in Sukhumvit

    written by syahrulfikri on 2008-04-27 #places
    SUK11 in Sukhumvit

    If you're looking for a place not so crowded and noisy with drunken hippie backpackers like in Khaosan Road, then Suk11 in Sukhumvit district it's the right place for you. The guesthouse is based on wooden Thai traditional house with lots of greenery and good sense of traditional interior decoration. Owned and run by a friendly, fluent English-speaking family which is be really helpful with the traveling tips.

  • Keelung City

    written by alice26992 on 2008-04-27 #places
    Keelung City

    Keelung is a port city in the north of Taiwan, near the capital, Taipei. Probably the easiest way to get to Keelung from Taipei is by commuter train, which ply the route every 15 to 20 minutes. It is a good place to play on weekends. You can visit Taiwan's scenic northeast coast. The sea is so blue and clean. I enjoy the moment sitting on beach and talking with good friends. You can also see some small islands in the ocean. Keelung is near the sea, so there are many fish.

  • Race for Life

    written by awhisker on 2008-04-27 #places
    Race for Life

    This was the race for life event which took place in Cardiff in June 2006. Race for Life takes place across the country and the idea is that you run to raise money for cancer research ("": Race for Life has grown to become the biggest woman only fundraising event and is open to women of all ages and all levels of fitness.

  • Santo Antônio do Pinhal

    written by dux_x on 2008-04-27 #places
    Santo Antônio do Pinhal

    Feel the mountains' fresh air. Hear the sound of nature. Taste the flavor of this little place called Santo Antonio do Pinhal, a town on the mountains, where the local way of life is the law. And Santo Antonio is affordable (you don't need much money to eat or stay well there).

  • Langdale Valley

    written by gregmarshall on 2008-04-27 #places
    Langdale Valley

    In the heart of the Lakes District of England, Langdale Valley is my favourite place anywhere in the world. Its a mysterious valley full of high peaks.

  • The Wall - Live House

    written by alice26992 on 2008-04-27 #places
    The Wall - Live House

    The Wall was opened by the Live House, the independent trade mark, the phonograph record line and by some of independent music singers. Why is it called "The Wall"? "The Wall" was one of the albums of Pink Floyd. It is the spirit of rock. If you are a fan of rock, you have to come here to The Wall. Live performances by local and foreign bands, arranged on Friday and Saturday nights, on a specific holiday and so on, other time intervals non periodically conduct the activities.

  • Bullring and Selfridges Building

    written by mrspetuniazenway on 2008-04-27 #places
    Bullring and Selfridges Building

    The Bullring is home to two great loves in life: shopping and fine architecture. If it had nothing but camera shops held within then we would happily die there. Outside it looks beautiful and inside they sell you things to enhance your own fantastic life.

  • Parc du Cinquantenaire

    written by golfpunkgirl on 2008-04-27 #places
    Parc du Cinquantenaire

    This park is one of my favourite in Brussels because there is almost always something going on. Be it teens cutting class and smoking fags behind the bushes, lovers in tender embrace on the benches, dogs catching frisbees, mothers with their babies in prams, women stripping to bare basics sunbathing on the lawns, old ladies gossiping on the quiet corners of the park, tourists by the busloads photographing the massive Arc de Triomphe and visiting the museums that surround (namely the museums of Art and History, Aviation, the Army and Military

  • Donkey Festival

    written by jazzgohan on 2008-04-27 #places
    Donkey Festival

    This event is unique in South of France, a special day to discover all kinds of donkeys in a pretty small town between Nice and Digne on the Napoleon Road. This is about two hours from Nice in a small town built on the rocks. Situated on the pre-Alpes, you can still discover truly sympathetic and kind people far from the French Riviera atmosphere. All the habitants of Escragnolles and the communes around are participating to this event.

  • Shao He Ting Antique Market

    written by alice26992 on 2008-04-27 #places
    Shao He Ting Antique Market

    Chaoheting Market originated from a fair called Lung-an Market, run by the Taipei City Government. It was full of stalls selling all kinds of meat, fish, and fowl. Located in the heart of one of the most popular tourist areas in Taipei city, Shao He Ting sells a wide variety of antiques from Taiwan's Japanese colonial era (1895-1945). These include ticket stubs, movie posters, toys, jade ornaments and store signs, as well as larger items like tables, chairs and cabinets. Every weekend, this market is crowded with antique dealers from all over the island, as well as local residents and tourists. I like old lights here, they are so special and old. But I have too many lights in my room now.

  • The Old Part of Cairo - The Islamic Quarter

    written by camerao on 2008-04-27 #places
    The Old Part of Cairo - The Islamic Quarter

    Take your small and discreet LC-A and leave the noisy and glittering Cornish El Nile, with its hotel buildings you can find all over the world in the same style, and take time (as much as you can) to walk through the old heart of Cairo.

  • Santuario Fatima

    written by reyes on 2008-04-27 #places
    Santuario Fatima

    It was May 13th 1917 when the Virgin Mary appeared for the first time to three shepherd children at Cova da Iria, a few kilometers from Fátima. It certainly was a turning point for the small village that nowadays receives more than 7 million visitors every year and it is one the most important religious tourism destinations in the world.

  • Paddle Steamer “Ryde Queen”

    written by janette on 2008-04-27 #places
    Paddle Steamer “Ryde Queen”

    This poor abandoned ship is steeped in history. She was built in 1937 for the Southern Railway Company, weighed some 566 tonnes and was finished to a very high standard. She had a promenade deck with observation lounge and a large saloon, restaurant, tea room, smoking room and Ladies' room on the main deck. She operated an all-year round service between Portsmouth and Ryde on the the Isle of Wight before the outbreak of World War II. During the war she served first as a minesweeper, was converted into an anti-aircraft vessel and took part in the Normandy Landings in June of 1944 and was returned to her normal passenger service after the war in 1945. She was eventually replaced by more modern motor vessels but still operated occasionally as a relief vessel. I can remember as a young child the excitement, if when we travelled to the mainland we were fortunate enough to sail on the PS Ryde which was then the last Paddle Steamer working on the Solent.

  • Old McDonalds'

    written by marcela_cuartas on 2008-04-27 #places
    Old McDonalds'

    I don't know if this is a common fact, but I 'm almost sure that is something really unusual. My town, my dearest Cali has down McDonald's. I am not communist or something alike but I must say that I'm very proud with this. Here was working three McDonald's since the middle nineties approximately, but now here is none.

  • Airport of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Airport of Nice

    If you come to Nice by plane, you'll be very quickly fascinated by what you see. Sure, whenever you arrive - during daytime or at night, the view of the Cote d'Azur by plane is always fascinating, but the airport to which you arrive is also a very interesting building! The T2 terminal is one of the recently constructed airports by a French architect Paul Andreu (see the links) who made a lot of great airport buildings around the world (and many other interesting constructions) and who designed this new building for Nice international airport who was inaugurated year 2002.

  • Wimereux

    written by golfpunkgirl on 2008-04-27 #places

    My first time in northern France in the region of Boulogne was good fun. Though the trip was solely for the purpose of golf, the little town of Wimereux proved to be quaint and very homey (and the golf course superb!). As all French villages and seaside towns go, it had that lovely holiday feel to it. Lots of narrow streets, old buildings and locals to capture on film. The coast is a great place to have a stroll and to admire the old fort which guards France from the north as well.

  • St. Cugat Hotel and Restaurant

    2008-04-27 #places
    St. Cugat Hotel and Restaurant

    I recently visited a beautiful old town called Sant Cugat, just 20 km outside Barcelona, Spain and I also had the pleasure of staying in one of its newest and most comfortable hotels, St. C H & R (the link is "": ). It has all the facilities you can expect from a modern hotel: library, internet connection, bar and restaurant and air conditioning but it is the décor that is most appealing.

  • Kaziuko Muge

    written by puly on 2008-04-27 #places
    Kaziuko Muge

    Kaziuko Muge (English: Kaziukas Fair) - is a biggest annual Lithuanian folk crafts fair dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, held on the Sunday nearest to St. Casimir's Day, March 4, the day Saint Casimir Jagiellon died, and is referred to as Kaziukio mugė in Lithuanian, literary - Little Casimir's Fair. Kaziukas is a diminutive of Casimir in the Lithuanian language.

  • Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

    2008-04-27 #places
    Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

    Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife is an ecological sanctuary within the city. It has mini zoo, lagoon, amphitheater, fishing village and vast areas of greenery's. This is my personal favorite spot to take pictures. The relaxing atmosphere and the serene manmade lake are just the extras. It has an enormous park land area hence there are plenty of sceneries to choose from. Great place to go for picnic and test your new rolls of film and cameras nevertheless.

  • Ravello

    written by azurblue on 2008-04-27 #places

    Ravello has the most divine panoramic view of Italy! Ravello is situated near the Amalfi coast, in Italy, near Naples, on a splendid position, on a rocky spur astride the Dragon's and Reginna's Valleys. Ravello was an important town of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, an important trading power in the Mediterranean between 839 and around 1200. But when the people from Pisa attacked and sacked it, a slow decline began.

  • Ilustrado Restaurant

    2008-04-27 #places
    Ilustrado Restaurant

    This place is a nice restaurant with tasteful recipes for everyone. It has a nice ambiance and an elegant colour theme of black, red and white. Lots of mirrors make it good for mirror shots for your OSCM. The cosy and laid back atmosphere makes it a good place to relax while enjoying your tasteful retreat! Yummy Filipino dishes are served with some non traditional twists.

  • Clark Field

    2008-04-27 #places
    Clark Field

    Last weekend, I had a chance to take some time to shoot at the open exhibit located at Clark Airbase. This place played a vital role during the world war. It is an airbase of the Filipino and American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for my country, the Philippines. Too bad it was raining when I had the shoot. I really wasn't able to capture all the things I wanted to.

  • Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel

    written by weechonghooi on 2008-04-27 #places
    Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel

    If you are to have a totally relaxing summer holiday, Langkawi Island is your choice. There're so many beautiful beaches on this island where you can't resist stopping by and giving a good Lomo shot. And if you are to wish to soak under the sun in Langkawi Island, or to get your body tanned while facing the pretty sea view.

  • Coatepec

    written by diablitomx on 2008-04-27 #places

    Coatepec is a small town near Xalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz in México. It is famous because of its coffee plantations, which are a part of the coffee production process. There are places called "beneficios" that are: the places where the coffee is dried and processed.

  • Genting Theme Park

    written by jhunnie on 2008-04-27 #places
    Genting Theme Park

    Genting Highland is a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. This article is not about Genting Highland, but it is a location for kiddos and adults, the Genting Theme Park. The fantasyland for you to have some great fun! It is divided into two categories, the outdoor Theme Park and indoor Theme Park. Outdoor Theme park is for adventure games, such as Roller coasters, Thrill rides, Children rides and water rides. Don't worry that kids can't enjoy themselves. The games provided at outdoor Theme Park include Spinner, Space shot, Cyclone etc.

  • Emirates Towers Hotel

    written by hind on 2008-04-27 #places
    Emirates Towers Hotel

    Dubai, inside a hotel room in Emirates Towers Hotel overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road. Sheikh Zayed road is lined with high rise office and apartment buildings and quite a few five star hotels. The roads are always busy during rush hour. When it isn't rush hour, the road is like a race track with crazy speedy drivers scaring the normal drivers. Sometimes it's like a scene from Wacky Races.

  • Lyon Opera House

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Lyon Opera House

    The Opera House in Lyon is really a great architectural building from the end of the 20th century. The original opera house was built 1831 in a very classical style, but as time went by the building was in a bad state at the end of the 1980's and needed to be rebuilt. The famous French architect Jean Nouvel proposed a very revolutionary construction of the Opera house within the old walls of the building, to conserve the historical heritage of the place. The inside of the Opera was totally rebuilt, and the most important work was around the rooftop of the building: the old classical glass & iron construction of the 19th century couldn't be restored, and there was Jean Nouvel's most spectacular idea: a brand new rooftop, still constructed with darkened glass for the light but with an ultra modern design of an half-circle over the old walls! The project provoked a very big debate among the citizens of Lyon (like every revolutionary construction...), some of them adored this new roof, other hated it and said it was a scandal to make of the opera house such an ugly building.... Finally the project was accepted and was inaugurated 1993.

  • Royal Selangor Yacht Club

    written by iamwen on 2008-04-27 #places
    Royal Selangor Yacht Club

    I've been to the Royal Selangor Yacht Club for my friend's birthday party. The party started at 7.30 p.m., I reached there earlier with my Color splash and prepared to shoot some nice picture of the scenery at the yacht club. I reached there around 6.30 and the sky seemed a bit dark. This is why I got my picture mostly underexposed.

  • Blue Ridge Mountains

    2008-04-27 #places
    Blue Ridge Mountains

    Right before school had resumed, my father and I took a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. We went hiking every day in the mountains. These pictures are from when we reached the summit of Sugar Mountain. It was a gorgeous day as we ate wild blueberries and braced ourselves from the fierce winds against the sharp boulders.

  • Mablethorpe

    written by kvboyle on 2008-04-27 #places

    Long before the days of the package holiday and the budget airline, when British were more restricted in where they could spend their summer holiday, the east coast of England from the Wash up to Hull was a tourist Mecca of beach resorts and holiday camps. In the fifties, sixties and seventies many families chose to spend two weeks at one of the famous beach resorts on the Lincolnshire coast, one of the most popular being Mablethorpe.