Street Photography and La Sardina


In which our hero takes his new fishy photographic device to the streets seeking candid moments with strangers. Or, shooting street photography with the La Sardina.

So now that you have the La Sardina, what do you shoot with it?

I asked myself this question when I first got mine. I purchased it on a whim, mostly. The other part was that I couldn’t afford an LC-Wide and I was hankering for a wide-angle camera. I really like the sheer expanse of frame with something in the < 28mm range.

What did I decide to shoot? Well, I’ve been reading a great deal about Garry Winogrand, the famous street photographer. I was really enjoying the shots he was creating, and the moments he was capturing. In my research I found that Winogrand shot with a Leica M4 with a 28mm lens. Now, if the LC-Wide is out of my price range, the Leica M4 (let’s be honest here, anything Leica) is a fantastic dream. So I thought to myself, “why not the Sardina?” Its wide angle, fairly inconspicuous, and the focusing is pretty easy to deal with. Being as it was summertime I didn’t have to wait for a sunny day.

I did my best to capture concise moments – something that would tell a story. I was quite happy with what I got.

My only issue came when I was shooting with a sunny background from under a canopy. One of the places I shot was at a covered farmers market. I had no compensation for that, so I just did my best to pick shots that would turn out.

What are you shooting with your Sardina?

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  1. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    I've been shooting pics of my friends kids with mine! The flash is a must, used with the filters it yields awesome results, I don't like the red/pink filter though, as I feel it screws up skin tones horribly. The yellow filter is my fav. I shot a roll of Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 with it recently and it came out great! very happy with my Sardina!

  2. rrohe
    rrohe ·

    i can't wait to shoot xpro with mine! just got a lot of expired ektachrome off ebay for cheap that i'm looking forward to firing off.

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