Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: Jason Mecier's Mosaic Portraits

Jason Mecier is a San Francisco-based artist who creates quite unusual celebrity portraits. Read more after the break.

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I recently stumbled upon this portrait of Amy Winehouse fully made of pills. It piqued my curiosity and I just had to find out more about the artist.

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I soon found the artist's homepage where loads of other portraits of celebrities made from the most unusual materials can be found. For example there is a picture of the Spice Girls made of candy, one of Andy Warhol made of Junk, one of Condoleezza Rice made of – guess what – Rice, and one of Mariah Carey made of Make-Up, just to name a few.

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Besides the celebrity portraits, Jason Mecier also did commercial work, like this series for Wrigley Chewing Gum:

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One of the most stunning projects accomplished by this artist, however, is the decoration of a three-story stairwell using 185,252 pencils, called the “Pencil Vania”.

For further information on the artist and the Pencil Vania, check out the following homepages: and

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