Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Casa Rosada (Pink House) is considered as one of Buenos Aires’s most emblematic structures.

This building is located in the city of Buenos Aires, facing the historic Plaza de Mayo. One of the things that stands out the most is its pink color (even though it seems more like orange to me).

When I visited it one midday Saturday, I went there more because of its historic aspects with little illusion. Moreover, I’ve already seen photos in which this palace had very little pink.

From where I was staying, I took the metro, a line that stands out for being one of the oldest – with wooden trains. The trip started turning interesting from there. I arrived at the Plaza de Mayo Station, a very symbolic place that commemorates the mothers of political detainees. This building faces that square.

Large, imposing in the middle of old structures, perfect to put my beloved Horizon Perfekt to use. Took some pictures of the façade then I went to see if I could get in.

I don’t know if it was because of the weekend or if it’s always so, but it was possible to go in and see Casa Rosada. The guards gave a short guided walk through the grounds to visitors, and talked about the country’s political history.

Inside the building, there were paintings of different Latin American presidents, including Chile’s Salvador Allende. There were beautiful stairs and ceilings that stole the spotlight.

I couldn’t help but think about Madonna playing Eva Perón in that 90’s movie, where Casa Rosada’s balcony is visible.

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  1. feelux
    feelux ·

    Nice photos! :)

  2. gabydines
    gabydines ·

    So glad you're enjoying your visit to our beautiful city!! There are certainly many spots to take advantage of your Horizon...
    Just wanted to add to your description that Casa Rosada is not just a building. It's where the actual government executive offices are located, so I guess that makes it our "White House"!!... and that is why the Plaza de Mayo is the spot where all the political and social demonstrations have been taking place ever since the city was founded in the 16th Century. And they still go on, like the one you've mentioned - every wednesday - where the Madres de Plaza de Mayo still demand justice for their sons abducted and killed during the military dictatorship in 1976-1983.
    All of our city's and country's history is condensed in that particular area of BA
    Very cool pics, btw!!!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit if you're still around :-)

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