Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires

I’ve always wanted to know more about this place since 1996. Soda Stereo was the reason.

The Galileo Galilei Planetarium is located at the Palermo neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. Its shape, similar to a microphone, stands out from afar.

It’s a place with a special meaning for Soda Stereo fans since their 1996 video for the song “Zoom” was recorded, in which thousands of couples kiss at the park where the planetarium is located.

Apart from having the shape of a microphone, it also resembles a large flying saucer, which makes it an excellent subject for photographing. The Soda Stereo video makes an allusion to this, and the building flies off like a spaceship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to go in and see the place from the inside, but to me it was enough to see at least the outside to fulfill my dream.

The Galileo Galilei Planetarium has become the meeting spot of all Soda Stereo fans, and during this year, in which its vocalist Gustavo Cerati has been in a coma, it has been a place of encounter for vigils and support for the singer.

Undoubtedly, this place should not be missed to take nice photos, considering its surrounding park and its aforementioned rare form.

written by iaki on 2011-09-21 #places #vacation #buenos-aires #argentina #location #planetarium #urban-adventures #soda-stereo
translated by isabelbatteria

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