Building the First Lomowall in Peru


For over a year, we organized the first Lomowall in Peru. With the help of the local and the international community, we managed to collect more than 4,000 photos to build the wall! Here’s a small review of the work!

To build a Lomowall is more difficult than it seems, especially for us, as it was our first time! Luckily, after Mandy’s explanation on how to build one (believe me, if anyone knows about Lomowalls, it’s Mandy!) we had a better idea of what to do and not to do.

The first step was to make a local announcement and another one on Within a few days we had hundreds of photos to choose from. The task was very difficult because each photo was better than the other one!

After viewing and selecting photos for a couple of mornings, we went to the lab to enlarge more than 4,000 photos. I still remember the face of the girl in the lab, “4,000 photos?”

Once we had the 18 bags of photos, it was time to cut them one by one. Hours, days passed and we finally got all the photos cut and ready!

Credits: lomographyperu

With the help of our Lomo Builders we put up the design on the sheets and started to stick photo by photo. After several hours and pizzas, we finished sticking the photos.

We did a little trip to the store and bought the essentials to build the structure that was going to hold the Lomowall.

We did many calculations and tests, and finally, we had the first column of the Lomowall. The rest was easy; we just repeated the steps.

Credits: lomographyperu

Here are some videos from this experience.

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translated by mioritza


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    Ah! Saw my picture in the second movie! :D Enbuenahora, Lomo Peru!

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    Oh, now I remember submitting to this:…. We should wait for the announcement and then get the piggies?

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    Hola! Pueden contestarme, por favor? Gracias :)

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