Give It A Swirl


Doing this can give your photos a very distorted look that you thought they actually move!

Add a little spin to your pictures with this technique!

What you do is you take a roll of till receipt paper and draw swirls on it with a brush and some black ink. Then you take a 120 roll film, unwind it completely, glue the strip of paper onto the beginning and the end of the film and roll the whole thing back. Then shoot.

I use a Seagull for that, as I need at least three stops down for the light to go through the paper. The good thing is that the paper is nearly the right width of 120 film!

written by newepug on 2009-04-05 #gear #tutorials #film #analogue #labrats #tipster #swril


  1. sumlom
    sumlom ·

    you mean you shoot the film through the paper?
    ie outside light->lens->paper->film?
    i really like the effect! nice! will try this :)

  2. newepug
    newepug ·


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