Kodak Portra 400NC (120, 400 ISO)


Of Kodak’s old Portra family, NC was the cooler, more neutral of the two color films. Get to know this medium-speed wonder.

Kodak’s original family of Portra films included VC (vivid color) and NC (natural color) varieties at 160, 400, and 800 ISO. Kodak Potra NC 400 (120), the middle child on the NC side of the family, is a stand by of professional color photographers. I was given 2 pro packs of 5 rolls by a friend who acquired a refrigerator with a stash of film still in it, so while my packs are expired as of 2004/2005, they’ve been refrigerated for their entire “life” and are basically like new.

The grain of the film is slightly less than what you might expect from a 400 speed film, but is perfect to add a little sharpness to photos. This film would probably also render great action results, especially if used in a camera with a full range of shutters and apertures, like a Lomo LC-A+ or Lomo LC-Wide , or any vintage camera. The film, being a very good quality film, will render pictures with clarity if taken with a sharp lens, or take on excellent dreamy quality when put in a Holga, Diana F+, or other old 120 toy camera.

The film is designed to be shot in natural light, so it lends itself well to nature photography. With a flash, you may want to err on the side of overexposing a little, but even still, the more pronounced grain and extra fall off give photos a very “paparazzi-esque” quality to them. If you like your colors realistic and your grain fine but your film a little faster than normal, look no further than Kodak 400NC.

Photos taken with a Holga 120FN and Yashica Mat-124G

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  1. kingt4
    kingt4 ·

    The few times I've used the portra films I've had great results. Great film and review.

  2. mjabbott
    mjabbott ·

    How did you take the picture of the man where his face is repeated 5 times? REALLY NEAT!

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