Fritz the Blitz Flash Review


Using 35mm film with ISO 400 and the Fischer’s Fritze La Sardina Camera, I’m went to test out Fritz the Blitz Flash capability and iron out the bugs along the way!

How powerful is Flitz the Blitz Flash ?

Powered by CR123 3volt battery and available in 3 different setting, its specifically designed for El Capitán , Fischer’s Fritze , Sea Pride and Marathon La Sardina Camera although you can get the adapter kit and mount it on the LC-A, for example.

Using ISO 400 lomography film , I discovered it works well and excels in low light situation when I was on foot and inside a building or away from the sun. It works well with a cable release and with the Fischer’s Fritze mounted on small flex tripod.

Like majority of newbies, I face problems when the flash does not work after I press the Shutter button. The solution is, you need to pull out the shutter release lock out and give it a twist till you can see “shoot only if you can read me” statement properly. Make sure it is properly aligned around the center of the lens and there’s a “Loud Click” sound too. By the way, remove the battery when “Not in Use”. That’s it!

Credits: spectre

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  1. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    How about some actual pictures to go with it so one can see how it does it?

  2. arifrodriguez
    arifrodriguez ·

    actually dis camera is a good one to try

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    So if you leave the battery in, will it drain even though it's not firing or on?

  4. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    If you leave the flash in a bag it happens easily that the switch gets turned on cause it's very smooth!! That happen to me once on a Sunday when I wanted to do my first shots with the flash. I was going to an abandoned hospital and I wanted to do some indoor shots with a ISO100 slide film and the SR. I was lucky that I gave the flash a try at home and found out the battery was empty.... I was lucky that one of about 15 small 24/7shops I had checked had a battery like that. It's a CR123 battery, that costs about 8Eur(Germany) - you don't want to waste that! :)

  5. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    A question: How many shots can one make with one CR123 battery? Does anybody know?

  6. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    I have just seen a CR123 for 2Eur in the Lomography onlineshop! This is great!

  7. spectre
    spectre ·

    @12_12 : 2 Eur? that quite a bargain! I only use the battery only when necessary

  8. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    @spectre: It definitely is!!! 2 Eur is great! As I said, I paid 8 for the last time and there where some that even cost over 11Eur! But 2Eur!! To good to be true :D

  9. xthyra
    xthyra ·

    I did what you said I should do when my Fritz doesn't work, but it still doesn't flash when I make a photo. Do you have any advice what I should do?

  10. spectre
    spectre ·

    @xthyra 1st , try make sure the battery is placed correctly , then wait for the white button on the top of Fritz turn into green .Press the it Once to make sure it work.

  11. xthyra
    xthyra ·

    @spectre well, the problem is that Fritz does work,. But when it's connectet with my Sardina and I want to make a photo, the flitser doesn't flash. The battery is corrected, and I did everything what @12_12 said I should do. So I don't know what's wrong..

  12. spectre
    spectre ·

    @xthyra i have to assume that even when u twist the lens around and “Loud Click” sound present ,u could not use the flash too? maybe u need exchange it?

  13. pheebs
    pheebs ·

    @xthyra if shoot an email to we can help you with this predicament.

  14. daniel1994codd
    daniel1994codd ·

    i get the same problem ? ive just been firing the flash manually pressing the LED button just before shooting

  15. heavenkot
    heavenkot ·

    the same problem...i'm ok with “shoot only if you can read me"...
    it flashes without a camera (manually) but I hear the charging flash sound only for 1 second after I turn it on, but the lamp continues to shine green and it works manually.
    My be I press the "shoot" buttomn wrong? I'm not feeling that the shutter works out...

  16. spectre
    spectre ·

    @heavankot U need to twist the lens to turn it Hard to make it lock in that position before the flash went off together . A certain "Loud Click” is to confirm it on right position .

  17. gloryofthe80s
    gloryofthe80s ·

    I have the shutter release all sorted; however, the flash still does not trigger when I press the shutter. Anyone have any ideas!? It's a brand new battery, so I know that isn't the issue. It's really annoying as I just got this camera as a gift for Xmas! :(

  18. sumlisa36
    sumlisa36 ·

    my flash didn't seem to work either, only manually. I first 'decoupled' it, gently rubbed the 2 pins with a fresh, dry tissue.. when reattached to the camera, i made sure the lens was 'clicked ok'. I thought I did, but did it again, and then suddenly it worked! I hope it will work for you too!

  19. ms_simone
    ms_simone ·

    Hi Everyone. I had the same problem and just fixed mine 2 minutes ago (I am actually a little blind from testing the flash to make sure that I really did fix it!!!).

    Anyway what you will need to be sure of first is:

    a. Like Gimel said, make sure your battery is in the correct position.

    b. That the flash is working when you test fire it.

    c. That you heard that "Click" or felt the lens lock in place when you turn it clockwise. (Needs a gently applied twist/force.)

    Right, so addressing the issue.

    1. De-couple / detach the flash from the camera. Clean the flash contacts with dry tissue, and blow through the holes on the camera body where they go through.

    2. Attach the flash to the camera again. Try one shot, did it work? Yes? Great! No? Proceed to Step 3.

    3. DO NOT ADVANCE THE FILM so you don't waste another frame. Flick the MX switch.

    4. Loosen the screw that holds the flash in place a little tiny bit - just enough that you can wiggle the flash in place while you test it.

    5. Wiggle the bottom in such a way that you can sense you are achieving better contact for the flash pins & camera contact points.

    6. Fire the shutter. Did it work? Yes? Great! No? Repeat steps 3 to 6 until you get it right.

    If it you've spent the whole day doing this and the flash still doesn't work then you probably have corroded contact pins, and should get it replaced from where you bought it :(

    I hope this helps!

  20. thaitrotters
    thaitrotters ·

    that happened to my friend too and I noticed that the lens wasn't placed properly, it was very strong to lock it but after that I worked properly :) BTW great camera!

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