Click Away - Double Exposures for Dummies


I tend to forget that Holga has more potential than just creating dreamy photos with dark vignetting. Sometimes I really have to remind myself to click again though afraid to ruin a picture. But, when you have a plan, you can at least learn from your mistakes and have a creative shot!

Credits: pinkpix

Secretly, I am very proud of the picture above when it comes to double exposures. The power of the optical illusion. And the best is that it’s deceptively simple!

Shoot something with an interesting structure and something that you choose as a centerpiece and that’s that. They seem to blend together a little.

A bench appears to grow in the park, two cars become one and there seems to be no difference between the bush and grass. So easy, yet such a cool effect!

Credits: pinkpix

In the clouds:
By letting a clouded sky be one of your topics for a double exposure, the other subject appears to fly.

Credits: pinkpix

(following the Quickie Tipster Shake it! )
Here you see the shaken versus the non-shaken pic. The colours are practically the same, only the first one has the extra dynamic effect.

Credits: pinkpix

By tilting/turning your camera 90 or 180 degrees between shots, you can also have bizarre effects. Most notable are your photos with a clear separation of object and horizon. Compare these houses in Paris (low contrast) with the tower of Notre Dame (high contrast)

Credits: pinkpix

Remember that your film quickly gets overexposed, so always put your camera settings to “sunny”, then your films catches less light.

Credits: pinkpix

Random overlapped shooting is just plain fun. Check photos below.

Credits: pinkpix

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