The Colors of Nature


Have you ever wondered why the sky sometimes is blue, sometimes green, sometimes red or orange? I love taking pictures of the sky; how about you?

I like to shoot the sky, no matter if it is day or night; sunset or sunrise. One of my favorite sky photo was taken inside an airplane on a journey from Taiwan back to Malaysia. I felt lucky to be able to capture this great moment! That’s probably the time when I fell in love with the sky.

Nature has it’s way of affecting our emotions indirectly. We would feel cheerful inside when it is sunny day. No doubt, we would feel gloomy when it is cloudy. And when it is a rainy day, we would feel moody, as though something within us just want to be like rain drops. Most of the time, when I feel breathless and when my brain freezes, I look at the sky. I like how the colors of the nature express itself; whether it is blue, red or orange. Nature is an art of God, when you feel that the whole world is pressing down upon you, go out and have look at the sky; sunny or rainy, chill out and enjoy nature more.

Taking photo of a sky can be very simple, just take out a camera and click; snap. You can take as many picture as you want. Nature is always here for all of us.

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  1. ngjinglingfiona
    ngjinglingfiona ·

    I agree with you completely. I love how God crafted it all out perfectly. Beautiful. It can reach out into our souls and affect us in a way like nothing else could.

  2. xmaryx
    xmaryx ·


  3. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Great colors of the nature! :)

  4. meliijoy
    meliijoy ·

    I totally agree! I really like the colors of the third shot.

  5. feelux
    feelux ·

    Amazing photos :)

  6. amedejulie
    amedejulie ·

    what a wonderful article and photos ! thnks for the inspiration!

  7. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    sky is the best screen to watch. lovely photos specially the one from the airplane

  8. foodeanz
    foodeanz ·

    I love taking pictures of the sky too...=)

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