Lomographs from a Perspective of a Bike Messenger - Exhibition in Budapest

What is it like to be always on the move on your bike? The result, a perspective of bike messengers on the city of Budapest, captured with all kinds of lomographic cameras is now on display at Fogasház, next to the Lomography Embassy Store Budapest!

Lomography Hungary teamed up with the local bike messenger company called Hajtás Pajtás and made their bikers into lomographers who documented their everyday life for two whole months. Now, an exhibition of the best pictures is waiting for you, open for two months at a gallery at Fogasház ruinpub. See the unique lomographs on display, from the adventures on two wheels in the urban jungle of Budapest.

The opening party of the final exhibition is on 9th of September at 8 pm at Fogasház where also the Lomography Embassy Store Budapest is located. From 9 o’clock the band of the owners of Hajtás Pajtás is playing, after that DJ Paul Murphy) will be on the turntables.

Additionally, there was a rumble on the Hungarian site running that was called “bikers hunting”. All bike messengers had a Lomography sign on their (altogether more than 90) bikes with the letter L, M, or O. Lomographers had to take pictures of them and and collect all pictures to form the word "LOMO”. The winner will now be awarded with a Lomography camera.

The exhibition is on display for two more months, don’t hesitate to drop by there and at the Lomography Embassy Store!

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