A Perfect Getaway: Karimunjawa Islands


If you love enticing beaches, beautiful underwater, and memorable sunsets, the Karimunjawa Island chain is just the perfect getaway for you. The moment you set foot on the secluded island, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find this place.

Some people call it ‘Desirable Paradise’, some people call it ‘A Perfect Getaway’, others call it ‘Heaven on Earth’, whatever the title is, Karimunjawa is believed to be one of the most excellent archipelagos in Central Java, Indonesia. Karimunjawa itself consists of 27 islands but only 5 of them are populated. A breathtaking tropical view, eye-catching rare fishes, and jaw-dropping corals and coral reefs are the things that people may never find in any hectic cities.

The crystal clear water makes visitors eager to snorkel, dive, and explore the sea. White sandy beaches along the shoreline add to the alluring charm of the islands.

Unlike Bali and other holiday destinations, Karimunjawa offers both local and foreign tourists the perfect mix of nature with harmony. The easiest alternative to reach the cluster of islands is by taking a 3-hour ferry trip from Jepara City.

Just type ‘Karimunjawa’ on Google and you will find a lot of websites that will directly present you the accommodations and services. It didn’t cost me more than 1,5 million rupiah (USD 175) for a 4D/3N holiday. Some travel agents may provide you with private cottages and beaches but of course, it will cost you more.

Lastly, you might want to experience watching the mind-blowing sunset after a long tiring day of exploring the islands. Guess what? Karimunjawa’s very own view will pamper you with the most remarkable dusk you will never forget.

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