Take Your Bicycle on a Lomo-Tour!


Why it is a good idea to take your bike on your next lomo-tour?

Credits: cornborn

Ride your bicycle; it’s not only more fun, but it’s also healthier and good for the environment. And, it’s unbelievably useful to take the bike when you’re on a lomo-tour. You can complete relatively long distances in a short time, while you have the choice to stop whenever you like; whenever you see an interesting subject.

Credits: cornborn

With the bicycle, you are flexible and independent. In the city, or in the countryside, you can reach your destination fast and in a relaxed manner. On the way there you can already shoot a lot of stuff, as you like. Actually everybody knows that taking the bike is not only good for your own body, but also for the environment. But sometimes laziness overcomes us. Fight your weaker self and pedal! Then you’ll remember the nice feeling of the summer wind blowing through your hair.

Credits: cornborn

written by cornborn on 2011-09-13 #lifestyle #nature #bike #bicycle #photography #cycling #lomography #bike-ride #traveling #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-tour
translated by feedmetotheforest

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