Analogue Photography in the Fashion Scene: Louis Vuitton: Double Exposure

Louis Vuitton has an innovative film project entitled Double Exposure, where one of the oldest forms of photography,the collodian process, is combined with digital media to create short films focused on a cultural innovator or creative leader. For the second series, the subject is actress Thandie Newton.

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Double Exposure began as a way for Louis Vuitton to counterbalance today’s fast-paced disposable media culture by slowing things down and taking the time to capture the sitters true essence with their most treasured belongings and the 19th century collodian wet plate photographic process. This process requires sitters to hold a position for 12 seconds with the result, a deep tone avant garde image from another time.

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK and

In addition to the beautiful one-off imagery, the process is shot as short documentary of the subject and focuses on the subjects most treasured items, exposing their inner thoughts and memories, much like one of the collodion images evokes in a viewer.

Thandie Newton, the subject of the second series of Double Exposure, speaks of her experience “The images really take you into the heart of history itself. To parallel that we’re getting into the history of me through the items I’ve chosen. One of the things about these photographs is the layers of meaning. Each picture is so unique so it just creates this desire to be my most essential self.”

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK and

The stunning images and short documentary film will be distributed from September from a multitude of online platforms and social media sites.

Double Exposure went live on the Louis Vuitton Facebook page on Sept 8th, 2011.

See the film here.

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