Unpublished 9/11 Film Photographs by James Nachtwey


Remembering the Septermber 11 terrorist attacks, photographer James Nachtwey revisits his rolls of film and shares unpublished photographs he snapped during that fateful day.

Screenshot via lightbox.time.com

James Nachtwey is a photojournalist and a war photographer. He has photographed armed conflicts, war, social and socio-political issues, and famine. He has documented these issues from all over the world. From the United States and Latin America, to Eastern Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and the former Soviet Union.

Screenshots via lightbox.time.com

He recalls the events that took place on that day, September 11, ten years ago. He braved into the scene, just as everyone else was running away from it, he rushed towards it to get a good spot for taking pictures only realizing later on that he was also putting his life in danger. He managed to get out of peril and spent the rest of the day doing his job, photographing and documenting the scene.

Screenshots via lightbox.time.com

That time, he had not yet switched to digital. He had 28 rolls of film with him but only used 27 of them. one roll was given to a fellow photographer. The photos he took were published at Time.com and recently, he has revisited his 27 contact sheets from ten years ago and shares to us, never before seen images that are stunning and horrid.

For more information on James Nachtwey, visit his website.

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  1. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    Incredible pictures.

  2. timesvelocity
    timesvelocity ·

    he is not a war photographer. he regards himself as an ANTI-war photographer.

  3. wonderdude
    wonderdude ·


  4. ncsphotography
    ncsphotography ·

    Stunning photos, have seem some before, nice to see the new ones though.

  5. realisticdreamer
    realisticdreamer ·

    What beautiful photos though containing a tragic event.

  6. christofferfoto_com
    christofferfoto_com ·

    just stunning and beautiful images, although in a tragic setting.

  7. davidpowell
    davidpowell ·

    These pictures are absolutely incredible. Really powerful stuff.

  8. feelux
    feelux ·

    Amazing stuff.

  9. waspmeat
    waspmeat ·

    your commitment to light, and the environment is outstanding. ktf

  10. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    We never forget this day...

  11. geekgoddesskilobyte
    geekgoddesskilobyte ·

    Wow. Incredible photographs. <3

  12. lomoddictive
    lomoddictive ·

    They're like scenes from a movie.. Good job :)

  13. sc-ting
    sc-ting ·

    i am speechless!

  14. reneefee
    reneefee ·

    These photos are amazing

  15. nicx
    nicx ·


  16. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    omg wow is all i can say. it was a sad and shocking day!

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