The Photography Within the Jardin du Luxembourg

An innovative photo exhibit is held every spring at the “Jardin du Luxembourg” gates. Have a glimpse into the 2011 exhibit, “Femmes Éternelles”.

Every spring, along the gates of the “Jardin du Luxembourg”, the French senate hosts an innovative photography exhibit usually by a well-known photojournalist.

This year’s (2011), Femmes Éternelles (“Women Throughout the World”), presented a series of portraits taken by the French photographer Olivier Martel, in which he captured women in their intimate moments revealing their unique beauty and individuality.

“Over 35 years of reporting, step by step I have explored and discovered fascinating cultures…My photographs appear calm, yet they seek density through color and the violence of contrasts…These are the faces of the eternal feminine truth, in their struggles and hopes and their assertion for dignity. I have found their grace among the farmers in Guatemala, the Khmer dancers, or the Fetishists in Agni country. Today, this is the work I want to share.” – Olivier Martel

The 80 photos presented in this exhibit can be fully appreciated at

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