Jardin du Luxembourg: A Swiss Army Knife of Fun

The “Jardin du Luxembourg” is an amazing garden for different activities – from relaxing, jogging, reading, playing chess, and an innovative yearly photo exhibit.

The “Jardin du Luxembourg” (Luxembourg Gardens in English) is probably one of the most popular parks in Paris due to its central location on the 6th arrondissement. The park is the garden of the French senate, housed in the Luxembourg Palace.

It’s easy to get there through the Luxembourg station of the RER B (a train that crosses Paris).

Take your time to explore the park once you’re there. The spot with a view over the Pantheon is one of my favorite areas.

There are always people around taking the chance to relax on one of the benches. There are also free chairs around the fountain that are perfect to enjoy the rotation of the earth.

I enjoy doing a lazy safari while seated here and go trigger happy on what surrounds me.

The Tour de Montparnasse can also be seen from the park, there’s no escaping from the tower in most of Paris (good or bad? up to you…). The colossal office skyscraper stands 210-meters tall.

The vivid colors from the garden flowers contrast well with the surrounding green, calling for some nice photos.

Here, many other activities can be done, from strolling, jogging, reading, playing chess, (have coffee…make out) or letting your children loose (perhaps a result of the making out).

And there is more…every spring, along the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the French senate hosts an innovative photography exhibit.

For more on this year’s (2011) exhibit, Femmes Éternelles (“Women Throughout the World”), check out my article, The Photography Within the Jardin du Luxembourg.

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