Behind the Scenes: Mai Ying's Music Video Production


We are currently filming for the music video of Hainanese composer and singer, Mai Ying. The production takes place in a Hainan fishing village in Klang. I immediately packed my LC-A+ and few rolls of film when I was invited to be a part of the production.

This is our second collaboration with Mai Ying for her music video production. Mai Ying is a very talented singer and composer with strong passion and spirit in sharing the Hainan culture. She hopes that the Hainan culture would not be forgotten since the community is getting smaller. The Hainan culture is the combination of traditional culture of mainland China, the culture of the border areas of South China, and other foreign cultures.

We were glad that it was a sunny day. Before the filming started, we were served with the famous Hainanese chicken rice cooked by Mai Ying’s family. Our filming took place at the Oi Koon Drama Association.

Mai Ying has invited two of her friends, who were professional Chinese opera performers, to star in her MV. It was a totally new experience for me to capture those moments. I’m so overwhelmed to witness the backstage, from make up to dressed up. Every single detail was well taken cared of.

Chinese opera makeup is particularly fascinating and rich in meaning. A character with mostly red makeup or a red mask is brave and loyal. Black symbolizes boldness and impartiality. Yellow denotes ambition, while pink stands for sophistication and cool-headedness.

Mai Ying brought along few traditional instruments such as a ‘Pipa’, ‘Ruan,’ which is known as the Chinese guitar, ‘Guzheng,’ a Chinese Zither, ‘Erhu’ and others. She sang in Hainan language about the culture of Hainanese, as well as the good and the bad of Chinese people’s character. Once she told us, she hope her song will keep the Hainan memory alive in the community. Well, basically I could not understand it without the lyrics in Mandarin. However, you’ll be impressed with her songs; a combination of classical rhythm and modern way in singing.

It was a fruitful day for me. Mai Ying has inspired me to keep on sharing the love for analogue as well! : )

If you are interested to know the previous masterpiece by Mai Ying, please visit here.

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