Alessio Beretta takes pictures with his Diana F+

“The analogic is photography in the true sense of the word, there are no tricks, what you see is what you have recorded on the film and will remain unchanged.” Alessio Beretta is a photographer who gives us his personal view on photography. He tells us of himself with his photos and reveals his thoughts responding to some questions …

You are:
Alessio Beretta.

But your real identity is….:

Where you were born and where is now the place you call “home” :
I was born in Monza, home is where i feel loved.

If you were a super-hero of analogic photography, who would you be and with which super power?
It would be useful to have a climate control as Storm of the X-Men, no more problems in the external.

“Digital or analog “is a bit ’like,” Head or Heart. "What do you thinki?
Digital is now used by many people without knowledge of the facts, it is useful in some aspects, but we need to understand that it doesn’t solve problems and it don’t be abused. Now we have reached a point of total fiction, some photos are a collage of photos and other images created ad hoc.
The analog is photography in the true sense of the word, there are no tricks, what you see is what you have recorded on the film and will remain unchanged.

Why did you choose the Diana F+? It’s been a flirt or a real love story?
It was a gift of love, but in the past there was a loan from a friend who had 4 Holga 120

Which is the role that photography play in your life. A hobby, an obsession, a rash or none of these?
One way to get in touch with the world around me, to which often nobody pays enough attention.
While thanks to photography i can use my spare time focusing on details that otherwise would escape from the daily chaos.

Among the pictures you’ve taken which is your favorite one and why?
I can not find a single photo I like more, there are several that i belong to for various reasons, from the moment it was taken a photo of the subject, why was frozen that moment in particular.

How long is your relationship with the analog photography and how do you fell in love with Lomography?
I grew up with analog photography since i was born immortalizing what I had around me until I moved in the professional world, flanking some photographers who took pictures with films; it always had an authentic and unique flavor without any alteration. Have you ever seen the shooting and the development of a Polaroid “20×25”?
One day I found an Holga 120 and having available several films donated by photographers with whom I worked, I got crazy trying different techniques and it was love.

What projects are you working on right now or are you waiting for something new?
Top Secret.

If you could add an eleventh rule to the Lomography already 10 Golden rules, which one would you choose?
Do not follow any rules.

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