Introducing, the LC-F (Lomo Compact Fantasy)


Dear Lomogarphy scientists, please consider my proposed concept camera, the Lomo Compact Fantasy!

Lomography has just recently released the Lomo Compact - Wide. An amazing piece of camera indeed! No one could have anticipated that 17mm Minigon lens, or that standard, square, and half frame capabilities. All of these of course, began as a concept, a fantasy!

Wouldn’t it be nice to fantasize about our dream version of the LC-A? It would not cost us at all! And, if we get lucky, Lomography scientists might even consider our concepts! Here is mine!

Let us start of course of the LC-A+. Being the worthy flagship camera of Lomography, it allow us to use it with ease, as well as to be as creative we can get. Let’s take a look at its highlight specifications:

32mm lens
Aperture of f16 to f2.8
Shutter speed as fast as 1/500
Multiple exposure button
ISO 1600 to ISO 100
Zone Focusing
Standard Hot shoe

Now, what do I wish to be added on or modified form this list? Essentially, I like some of the other features of the original LC-A, some features of the LC-W, as well as features of my other favorite camera, the Olympus XA.

I wish that the aperture priority feature of the LC-A be returned. When I am not in a hurry, or when I want to think before I shoot, I wish to have more control over the depth of field of my photos. Of course, there should still be an option to go on full automatic.

I wish that the ISO setting can be from 1600 to 12. When I use ISO400 redscale film, I’d like over expose as much as five full stops.

I wish for a faster lens; at least an aperture that can go as much as f2.2. Better bokehs for us!

I wish for a self-timer. I want to take self-portraits that are not limited to mirror or arms-length shots.

I wish for 1.5 overexposure switch, for backlit subjects; just like the Olympus XA’s.

An exclusive Bulb switch would be awesome too! So that, i can hold that shutter wide open, for as long as I like, even in broad day light. To each his own trip.

While I am at it, let me push my fantasy to the extreme!

I wish for a more superior, 6 element lens! I really do not understand it very well, but it just sounds so cool! I still want it at 32 mm still, though.

I wish for a mechanism that can switch the camera form standard, to square, to half frame, even in the middle of a roll; no need to manually change frames like the LC-W. Something like the Diana Mini’s.

Now, that is a truly super camera!

Share to us your fantasy camera too! We’ll never know, a Lomography camera engineer might be reading our fantasies.

written by renenob on 2011-09-09 #lifestyle #lc-a #camera #lomography #fantasy #concept #analogue-lifestyle #concept-camera


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    The more you ask , the more you have to pay.... I need nothing more than a plastic lens on LC-A+. That is all..<:)

  2. nerpman
    nerpman ·

    If they made an LC-A that took Super-8 film, you could fit over a thousand pictures on a roll! It would take months to expose the entire film. The tiny frame size would mean huge amounts of grain. When projected, it would look like one of those flip book YouTube compilations!

  3. chabankuh
    chabankuh ·

    6 element lens? This is lomography. You dont need high end features like that. The lens would also be big. And f 2.2 for a wide angle, thats kind of expensive. I agree with some of the other designs, but the lens is a little out there.

  4. kien85
    kien85 ·

    good idea!

  5. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    That's a cool idea, but what I'd like to see is Lomography's engineers recreate with improvements the LOMO Electra 112, adding more film ISO speeds, a X-sync flash shutter speed (1/125?), a multiexposure switch, B speed for arbitrary long exposure, T speed for Light Painting, keep that wonderful Industar 73 lens, and brighten the viewfinder/rangefinder. It's almost as small as the LC-A.

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