Sacha Dean Biyan: A Photographic Journey

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Award-winning photographer Sacha Dean Biyan has worked in the aeronautics industry for a long time before discovering that he has an interest for photography. Learn more about his story.

Sacha Dean Biyan is a New York based Canadian photojournalist and fashion photographer. He has a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has worked in the aeronautics business for more than a decade. He began experimenting with cameras and the idea of photography at a young age and this became his stepping stone to becoming a celebrated film photographer. With his experiments in using different kinds of film and working with various techniques inside the darkroom, he soon realized that his heart was into photography. This led him to change his career when he was in his early 30’s.

images © Sacha Dean Biyan via Jozef Zidarov

Sacha Dean Biyan is one of the few remaining photographers who still conduct photo shoots using film. This is rare in this age where most photographers use a digital camera. However, he also uses digital manipulation on the pictures once he has developed them in the darkroom. With his success in his chosen career, he has worked with big companies and brands, such as Adidas, Sony Music and Discovery. Aside from advertisements for these companies, he has also shot editorials for various magazines including Marie Claire, Vogue and GQ.

images © Sacha Dean Biyan via Jozef Zidarov

He mostly spends his time on the road to shoot for his clients. Apart from his fashion shoots, he also spends time roaming around different places and shooting images that he adds to his other endeavour, the Earth Pilgrim Project. He has lived in Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and the US; staying in remote parts to mingle with tribes. Sacha Dean Biyan’s aim for this project is to promote human rights awareness of indigenous tribes. To date, he has shot more than 3,500 rolls of film for this project.

View more of Sacha Dean Biyan’s works on his website.

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