The 'Big' Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

In 2010, my parents fulfilled their dream and visited New York during Christmastime. I was so excited for them that I insisted that they borrow my Fuji Instax Mini to take with them. Here are the results that my dad got from one of his favourite locations in the world.

My dad has always been my photography inspiration. I don’t think he realizes this but he slowly taught me about framing photos and understanding cameras as I grew up and started to show an interest in his little Canon 35mm camera. Eventually, he even gave me his Olympus OM-10 camera that I experimented with happily in high school.

So I was more than happy to lend my parents a film camera to take to New York with them and I thought my little Fuji Instax Mini 10 would be perfect for them. It’s fun, compact, and they wouldn’t have to worry about loading the roll of film or operating more complicated/temperamental cameras.

I was not disappointed with the resulting photos and the highlight for me was that they stumbled upon a Lomography shop and went in to take photos just for me…they know me so well.

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written by easilydistracted on 2011-09-17 #places #fuji-instax-mini #america #favourite #location #new-york #urban-adventures

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