Fashion in Film Photography: Ilse Ruppert


Ilse Rupert, a freelance photographer who has captured the lifestyle fashion of the 80’s with her camera. Read more after the break.

Images via Ilsa Ruppert

Leather and lace, pins and needles, bullets and boots, the shoulder pads, neon leggings, the outrageous color combinations, and the wildest of hairstyles. 80’s punk and new wave fashion has been radical and still continues to be emulated these days. Photographer Ilse Rupert has captured the life and the essence of this magical decade.

Images via Ilsa Ruppert

Ilse Rupert is a Berlin-based freelance photographer who has been working professionally since 1978. She has worked in the punk and new wave scene in Europe since the early 80’s. Capturing the music, fashion, art, and lifestyle of the era.

Images via Ilsa Ruppert

Her impressive client list includes musicians: The Who, Kraftwerk, The Ramones, The Clash, Keith Richards, and Frank Zappa among many others. And not just in the music scene, but also actors, writers, and directors.

Images via Ilsa Ruppert

Her images show what’s been both normal and cool during those years. It might not be high-end fashion, but it’s part of the iconic lifestyle that has opened ways to other styles and influenced further trends.

You can check Ilsa Ruppert's website for more information.

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