Capturing Your Every Day Commute with Colors


We spend a lot of time traveling to work and other places and it became a mechanical action to us. Because of that, we usually overlook anything interesting around us. Let’s try to look around us with our heart and capture moments during those little “journeys”.

Before taking up analogue photography again, I commute to work every day on the MTR train in Hong Kong stopping at different stations, but never ever thought of capturing the moments in it or the things around us there using the cameras. But having my analogues cameras with me changed that. I’ve been learning to look around myself from my heart.

There were times that I was eager to take some pictures, but unfortunately the weather was not good, everything was just the same and nothing around seems special. What should I do? I really wanted to shoot; therefore I started to pay a little more attention to those dull sceneries that seems always the same. Then, I realize that whether it seems boring, dull or not depends on how we think. That same view may not necessarily be always boring, it can be colorful!

Most of us probably just travel from home to work, then work to home day by day. But during the time of commute and travelling, we can try to take more notice around use, trying to discover something interesting, something worth capturing with our camera. Then, that period of time can become more fun, your originally boring day is not monochrome anymore, it can be colorful!

Actually, I haven’t done anything extraordinary. I just took some snapshots while travelling to work every day. These are some pictures which I’ve taken from time to time during the last two years.

What make your day more colorful can be the trains passing through:

Can be the train compartments:

Or can be the people rushing by your side:

Also, every station differs in their features, colors, etc.:

Last but not least, ever noticed the “arts”: ?

Next time, when you commute to work, or traveling through the city every day, why not try to discover the different colors around you? I’m sure you will discover a lot more color and shoot a lot more great pictures than me!

Let’s have more fun in discovering more colors in our lives.

written by kcmuguet on 2011-09-08 #lifestyle #film #hong-kong #commute #lomography #railways #traveling #mtr #analogue-lifestyle
translated by kcmuguet


  1. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    cool... i lived in HK the past couple of years and these photos just made me miss the everyday commute there. cheers from manila!

  2. vici
    vici ·

    Excellent photos!

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