Konica Minolta Monochrome VX 400: An Almost Extinct and Un-Revised Film


I’m writing this review driven by the feel of needing this film to be revised and published before its extinction. Therefore, you guys get the chance of trying it, and if you haven’t tried any yet, you may try finding it somewhere. Why did I say almost extinct? Well, this film, just like other Konica films, stopped being produced in March 2007. So, not only the stock is reducing constantly, and even if you find one, it’s expired for sure!

Credits: fefo

As I have said before, this is a monochrome prints film, which means that it gives you photos similar to black and white, but with the difference that you can develop in the same way as a color negative film, so it becomes cheaper and easier if you used to develop your film in a photo lab.

Credits: fefo

I got the first roll of this film from a friend of mine who found it at home, old and expired. Then I saw them in a photography store, also out of date, so they were really cheap, and I bought a few more. Now I have a stock of 2 or 3, and I’m planning to get more when I finish them since they have really reached and passed my expectations!

Credits: fefo

I hope you guys can find some rolls and have a try. If you do so, you can tell me what you think about it down here in the comments! Good luck!

This review was written by Community member fefo.

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  1. nobodyowens
    nobodyowens ·

    Beautiful photos, beautiful film. (:

  2. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    great old stock find

  3. kingt4
    kingt4 ·


  4. neurodiaz
    neurodiaz ·

    I've found two! :D I can't wait to shoot them, thanks for review, looks so great!!

  5. pomps
    pomps ·

    yo encontre dos de estos konica, use uno solo, el otro lo guardo en mi caja de ahorro de rollos :) los resultados me gustaron muchisimo, subi un par de albums con el que use. A ver si tengo suerte y encuentro algun otro :)

  6. mariaratfingers
    mariaratfingers ·

    gran rollo, geniales fotos!

  7. robbie3
    robbie3 ·

    Just picked up 7 rolls for €20!
    Nice photos.

  8. gaurav
    gaurav ·

    Got some, will try it.

  9. spiritvisionphotography
    spiritvisionphotography ·

    I tried it a few times. Horrible results. Especially when compared to Neopan 400CN and Ilford XP-2.

  10. hamzeh
    hamzeh ·

    got heaps of this stuff :D love the results

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