Way Before the Digital Era: My Childhood in Analogue


One of the good feelings of analogue photography is the “after”. Having your photos printed and checking the results. Well, this trip was no different!

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I had my first international trip. I went to Disneyland with my mom! It was the best possible birthday gift for a kid, right?

On the first day, my mom bought an automatic Canon camera (we don’t remember the model anymore, though) and this camera was responsible for all the printed memories of this trip!

One thing that’s fun to notice is that most of the shots are looking up — like a child sees the world. I find it so cool that it really shows who was responsible for taking the photos — my mom!

Throughout the years, everytime I came across the album with this pictures, I am always amazed and excited to remember those great days! The colors, the characters, the dream come true… All these can be relived with this pictures!

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  1. davzoku
    davzoku ·

    Nice, My dad used to take photos of us with his Yashica camera during our family trips. I, too, always loved the colors. They are so unique. Sadly, he misplaced all the negatives, and I wonder if the camera is still working now that he gave it to me.

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