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Ask a little girl about her fashion idols and she’s sure to blurt out a familiar name: Barbie. Yes, you read that right! A doll memorable to every little girl has been a legendary style icon for many decades! Not convinced? Here are some vintage commercials of Barbie showing off her fabulous outfits!

In 1959, American toy maker Mattel, Inc. introduced the beautiful and stylish “Barbie,” who changed the way little girls played with dolls—and perhaps even gave them an early lesson on fashion!

Prior to her arrival, girls played with toy dolls that represented infants. When Barbie came into the picture, little girls started playing with a fashionable grown-up doll who always has something nice to wear for every occasion. With this, a fashion icon for young girls (and eventually the young at heart as well) was born.

The first ever television commercial of Barbie appeared shortly, featuring $3.00 dolls with elaborate dresses and trendy accessories. The next commercials started marketing Barbie as a style icon that girls can look up to— with fashion model roles and an extensive wardrobe with everything from basic wear to designer creations.

Now, on to the vintage Barbie commercials from 1959 to 1962:

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