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Despite being legally blind and being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Flo Fox still manages to capture images on the streets of New York.

“People can be strong no matter what. I try to set an example by taking the negative and making it positive – both in life and in my work.” – Flo Fox

image © Flo Fox via Street Reverb Magazine

The tenacious Flo Fox was born with a blind eye but this didn’t stop her from taking images of people, things and events that she passes by daily in New York City. She purchased her very own 35mm camera back in 1972 and she brought it with her wherever she went. Her blind eye could only see things from a two-dimensional point of view and this became here determination for taking pictures and being a street photographer.

image © Flo Fox via Fashion Beyond Fashion

Tragedy didn’t stop there. In 1975, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and has lost feeling on her legs and on one of her hands because of dead nerve endings. Also, with the onset of MS, she became visually impaired in her remaining eye. Even when faced with challenges like these, Flo Fox still managed to be strong and push forward. She used the struggles that she faced as a determination to advance in her career.

image © Flo Fox via Street Reverb Magazine

Flo Fox chose to be euphoric and face her disabilities with her head held high instead of being depressed about her condition. She has been very successful because of her determination and has taken over a hundred thousand photographs that she processes herself in the darkroom. She was also featured in a the documentary ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work’.

image © Flo Fox via Street Reverb Magazine

Today, in a motorized scooter, Flo Fox still takes some pictures with the help of someone to push the shutter button for her. She instructs her companion to compose the image that she wants. Her story is truly an inspiration for anyone who struggles with the challenges that life has to offer.

image © Flo Fox via Street Reverb Magazine

Learn more about Flo Fox by visiting her YouTube channel.

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