Old School Photo Booth: Paris!


During a week in Paris, my boyfriend and I were absolutely delighted to stumble upon an old school photobooth!

The couple ahead of us.

During a week visit to Paris we stumbled upon a hidden gem in the center of the city: a foto automat photobooth!

I have never been so excited as when we found this beauty in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. I didn’t realize that there were any in the city and I’d given up hope of ever having any old school photo booth photos with my boyfriend… so we (im)patiently waited for the couple in front of us to take their photos and watched as they (im)patiently waited for their photos and then it was our turn.

Waiting for the photos was so much fun, I literally danced around the machine in anticipation and when they finally printed, the photos were wet and we had to wave them around for them to dry – I loved that they were authentically printed in the old fashioned way.

The result: an amazing set of photos that are both spontaneous and natural and so much fun! The best four Euros that we spent on our whole visit!! And the best part? My boyfriend suggesting that we hold out the cameras! It wasn’t even me!

Side note: After doing a little research when we got back I found out that there are more of them around Paris and one was even closer to our apartment along the canal, I’m a little sad we didn’t find more but I’m looking forward to searching them out the next time that we visit.

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