Karimunjawa, Central Java, Indonesia

Karimunjawa is a newly-discovered untouched virgin paradise said to become the “next Bali”.

Karimunjawa is about wonderful, scenic, white sandy beaches, and shallow turquoise waters that is also non-swimmer friendly.

The best thing about Karimunjawa is its heavenly scenery and wide crystal clear, shallow sea area. As for underwater scenery.

Karimunjawa has a wide coral reefs area for snorkeling but too bad some of them are dying, damaged, and bleaching. Basically the coral reefs here are healthier than in Java, Bali or Lombok, but nothing compares to Bunaken, Weh Island or Eastern Indonesia.

Boasting of beautiful tropical reefs and an enormous well-preserved national park, this new tourist destination is a great experience for both the experienced traveler and newbies.

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