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Let’s face it. Having models, especially new or inexperienced ones like most of our friends, strike different kinds of poses is no walk in the park. Thankfully we now have a guide!

Unless you’re really, really, really good with people, I’m sure you’ve encountered this problem. You’re awkwardly shooting a friend or a model, then you’re suddenly frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Or is it the other way around and you’re channeling your inner model but can’t quite get there yet? Don’t be caught unawares and flatfooted again with this nifty and hilarious guide by Lester Brathwaite from

1. The Stride

What you’re thinking: I’m on my way to werq, get out of my way — oh, look a camera — I’m giving — now I’m walking away.

What you’re doing: Walking slow enough to get in frame and making sure your legs are spread wide enough apart for a dynamic shot.

2. The Editorial Jump

What you’re thinking: You know I feel so great right now I’m just going to fly everywhere I go today, while still looking relatively motionless. Oh, look a unicorn…gorjuss.

What you’re doing: Squatting before jumping and giving face at the apex of your jump.

3. The Pensive Jut

What you’re thinking: I’m deep in thought — about what, who cares? But I’m looking at the solution to all my problems way off in the distance…and it just winked at me.

What you’re doing: Hand on hip, other hand at an opposing but complimentary angle with one leg straight and the other slightly bent.

4. In Repose

What you’re thinking: Ugh, it’s sooooo hard being this glamorous, but I’ve got to keep it together. Waiter, where’s my goddamn cocktail?

What you’re doing: Staggering your legs, framing your face with your arms, sucking everything in and finding your light.

5. The Stroll

What you’re thinking: Oh, look! I’m walking again! This is becoming a habit. I’m going about my way, but for some reason everyone around me keeps dying of envy…and I. Love it.

What you’re doing: Catwalking towards the camera slowly either giving full face to the camera or feigning distraction.

6. The Broken-Down Doll

What you’re thinking: I haven’t eaten in 4 weeks, my coke dealer isn’t picking up his phone and if someone doesn’t pour something alcoholic in, on or near me, I’m literally going to die. But I look great, right?

What you’re doing: Weird angles, lots of slouching, while still showing the garment.

7. The Wistful Coo

What you’re thinking: I’m caught in a violent hurricane of couture but my inner calm — brought on by years of yoga and a small army of morally-suspect pharmacists — keeps me the smizing eye of the storm.

What you’re doing: A slight hunch, a graceful hand and an expression that says you might not really know where you are.

8. The Dynamic Sit

What you’re thinking: Yes, this is sitting but you know what this isn’t: Super Bowl Sunday. So I’m not lounging back with a bowl of goddamn nachos in my lap. Pardon me while I throw this leg up and concentrate on being effortless.

What you’re doing: Hunching, creating angles with your legs and space with your arms.

9. The Couture Hunch

What you’re thinking: I’m so thin that to prevent my ribs from caving in on themselves I have to hold them in place. I may have dropped a lung while in mid-hunch, but I dare you to tell from my face.

What you’re doing: Arms akimbo, you hunch until you’re basically doubling over and sucking in everything while splaying your legs out at awkward angles.

10. The Dynamic Stand

What you’re thinking: Here I am, world! Take a good long look because I just officially shut shit down and own every one of you. You’re welcome.

What you’re doing: Once again, arms akimbo, but a strong stance that is at once seductive and powerful.

So how do you guys find it? Personally, I’m a fan of the Wistful Coo. The name alone exudes fashion and extravagance. Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to use these tips for our Fabulous Fashionista and Lomography Lookbook rumbles as well!

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    Brilliant! So nice to see The Couture Hunch being mocked, oh how I hate that pose; so unnatural, so unflattering, SO OVER-USED!!!!
    This gave me big lolz, thank you.

  11. shhquiet
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    hahahaha nice article, Ron!!!! :))

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    Heh, I've learned more from this than I did watching all those cycles of ANTM!

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    Funniest article I've seen here.
    And "Concentrate On Being Effortless" sounds like it should be the title of a self help book.

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    i learned a lot thru ANTM. LOL

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    love it, thx, now i'm prepared for some more shootings (sorry i don't put in here anything of that, but my friends don't want to be seen on weird, isn't it?)

    oh, and: BROKEN-DOWN DOLL FTW!

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    The couture hunch is called the fashion orgazm among the russian fashion world:)

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