Exposed or Unexposed Roll? Slides or Negatives? Ziploc it!


An easy way to identify your films – whether exposed, unexposed, slides or negatives – by
using 35mm plastic film containers and with the aid of some stuff which can be found lying around in your house. Learn to improvise!

If you are one who likes to carry around more than one camera when you shoot, you would also have quite a number of exposed and unexposed rolls of 35mm films in your bag. They will probably be mixed around in your bag as you travel and can sometimes cause you valuable time when you have to search your bag for that particular roll of film.

The items you need may already be available somewhere around your house!

- 35mm plastic film containers (preferably of different colours)
- Ziploc bag (size depends on the number of films that you put inside it)
- Adhesive tag/label or masking tape (optional)
- Permanent marker

Personally, I choose to have my unexposed rolls in a transparent/grey plastic film container – black cap for negatives and transparent/grey caps for slides. I’ll place them in a Ziploc bag and label them “Unexposed”. As for the exposed rolls, I’ll place them in an all-black plastic film container once they’ve been rewound. I do the same for the exposed rolls and place them in a Ziploc bag labelled “Exposed”. In addition to that, it will also enable me to easily hand the “Exposed” Ziploc bag over to the guys at the photo lab. Don’t forget to save the plastic film containers for future use!

Most, if not all, plastic film container caps and bodies are interchangeable – so, no worries! This little improvisation did help me save more time instead of digging through my bag, so I hope this will help you too!

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