Microwaved Polaroids


If you think you’re too stressed out and feeling older everyday, you might want to consider a new hobby. Something that would deviate you from the usual routine that you’re getting sick of. Why not start dancing Ballroom? buy a new pet perhaps? or fishing on the Pacific? If you fancy none of these, then you should try Instant Cooking Photography!

Here’s how:

What I like to do is to take the picture while it is still developing and put it in… the microwave oven! For only 6 seconds, you get burned sides, brown spots and vintage-like colors (at some places). Open, put it in, press 0:06 and Start. Step back, enjoy the sparkles and stay calm; it is normal. If you wait too long before cooking them, the frame will only crack and burn, leaving your developed picture almost perfect. Hit it when it’s weak!

It is a superb way to save accidental exposures of your film! I created nice abstract Polas thanks to my microwave. It is really important to NOT leave them over than 6 seconds, else it could simply caught fire! Also beware: it leaves a foul smell when you finish cooking them, phew!

written by alexeiz on 2009-02-20 #gear #tutorials #analogue #labrats #tipster #polaroids


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  1. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    ya that smell is pretty bad, and it lasts a while, but well worth it.

  2. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    I love doing this but the smell is pretty bad !

  3. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    not only the smell - the taste is also disgusting...haha

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweeeet !!!

  5. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    wow, beautiful!
    great idea, but tell me, how did you discover this?

  6. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    great pics!!!!!!!!

  7. kirri-joy
    kirri-joy ·

    haha cool idea. eyecon? wow... :D

  8. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    oh my gosh i did this one time and it cracked the edges.. it sparked and scared me xD

  9. pedrofelix
    pedrofelix ·

    pic 5, like it a lot.

  10. cybervixen
    cybervixen ·

    such a good idea, it looks great!

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