My Childhood Immortalized in Analogue

I recently dug out my childhood photos which were taken with the Yashica Minitec (I still have it!) by my parents. Good reminiscence of the good old days!

See the date on the bottom right-hand side of the photo? It says 97 12 29, which translates to 12th December 1997. How long ago was that? 14 years!

I was recently flipping through my old photo albums and it was amazing to see how much I have grown.

From a cute three-year-old in 1997, captured on film (Yes, I was born in 1994! As for my age, do the math yourself), I had grown to become the (almost) grown-up I am today, captured on a digital screen.

I had always thought that my digital photos looked clear and sharp and good, but after flipping through my albums, I was forced to conclude that analogue photography in the past had a nostalgic and much more emotional aspect to the photos.

The fun I had in Genting Highlands in Malaysia (in these photos) was paired with the unpredictable effect of film photography with the Yashica Minitec AF, which I just dug out less than 15 minutes ago! This alone, adds to the fun factor of analogue photography, which can be seen in the results of the photos!

The flash is not THAT awesome though as you can see below.

However, I still love the camera’s vintage feel. As my mother was handing me the camera minutes ago, I could see memories clouding up in her eyes. Here’s a photo of the lost-and-found camera next to my beloved Diana Mini White!

There is still a roll of (probably expired) Fuji Superia 400 inside! Time for an experiment and a discovery of old and undeveloped memories!

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