Lomomatrix, Lomohunter Style in Kuching


This was our second attempt at LomoMatrix in Kuching last July 9, 2011. Almost 30 of the LomoHunter members were involved in this project. It’s also our second LomoHunter attempt and this time, more people joined the project.

Credits: cutebun

LomoMatrix is a kind of stop motion video made with analogue photographs. It is always a miracle to create LomoMatrix because it takes a lot of effort to bring people together to create it but it is a fun process once you get used to it.

We agreed to meet at the Sarawak State Library last July 9 for a photography and lomography talk. After we had our lunch, we gathered outside the library for a short briefing.

So right after our briefing on LomoMatrix, we were off to shoot! A few of us brought tools to be used in the LomoMatrix which included a mask, guitar, umbrella, headbands and many others.

Credits: cutebun

We all wrote our names down and were assigned a number to be marked on our films.

Credits: cutebun

It was a very hot and sunny day. That was the only problem. Other than that, the photos turned out to be good!

Thanks to zulkamal for recording and editing. We all had great fun thinking of poses and moves for the models! We jumped, threw another lomographer up in the air, popped some balloons, flew with an umbrella, and did some Kung Fu moves too!

And now, here’s the video!

We’ll surely do another LomoMatrix again! Stay tuned!

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Thanks, Danke, Gracias


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