Food and Drinks: Neon Cactus, Leeds

If you are looking to host a party at a great venue in Leeds city centre, look no further than the relatively new, Neon Cactus Bar on Call Lane, LS1.

Credits: fletchinski84

Last month, my girlfriend and I were invited to an engagement party in Leeds, at a bar we had never been to before called Neon Cactus. It did not surprise however, that our friend Adam would have a party there as he loves tequila and all other things Mexican. He and his fiancee had hired the basement area of the bar for just a £50 deposit but essentially free of charge, bargain.

Credits: fletchinski84

The food in Neon Cactus is obviously Mexican, but quite a varied menu and the stuff are all reasonably priced. We didn’t eat there on this occasion but checked it out for future reference. The bar is quite big but gets very, very busy so we were pleased to have a separate area to mingle in. The basement is a nice area, all red mood lighting and dated but quirky white tiling. Also, you can take your own music and have it on all night which was really fun as it meant when a stranger popped in to cheekily use the private bar, they were met with songs like Prince Charming and 55 people doing the Adam and the Ants dance. The decorations are very nice – think Mexican day of the dead skull pictures and the like. The drinks are the best part however, as their range of tequila-based cocktails would rival most bars, especially outside of Mexico.

Credits: fletchinski84

I would recommend a visit to this bar especially if you fancy a private party, at no cost, in a chilled out but nice environment.

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